Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Postal Inspector Harry Holmes, an FBI informant, told the WC that Oswald received no personal mail at his P.O. Box in Dallas. He said that all he received there (besides the rifle, cough, cough) were newspapers, including the Daily Worker and several Russian newspapers from the USSR.  

What???? So, Oswald subscribed to several Russian newspapers and paid international postage to have them, these large, bulky newspapers mailed from the Soviet Union to the United States? How much did that cost him? And how could a guy who had a family to support on a salary of $1.11/hr afford it?  And how did Oswald go about paying for it? Did he get international money orders and mail them to Russia? Well, where is the evidence for that? If they could find his money order to pay for the rifle (cough, cough) then why not for the money orders he sent to Russia? And where are the newspapers? Shouldn't they have been stacked up in his boarding room? At least a few? I mean newspapers with a mailing label which showed that they were mailed from Russia to Oswald's P.O. Box. It's been over 50 years. So, don't you think if they existed, that we would have seen them by now? 

And, if the only thing that ever reached that P.O. Box was the rifle and various Communist newspapers, then why did Oswald make the P.O. Box the top thing on his list of fail-safe instructions to Marina in the catastrophic event that he was killed or apprehended for shooting at Walker? (Cough, cough. He didn't shoot at Walker.)

And supposedly, according to Harry Holmes, Oswald closed out his Dallas P.O. Box from New Orleans and had them apply a credit towards his new P. O. Box there. But, that is ridiculous. Twenty minutes ago, I was in the post office in Buda, Texas, and I put it to the clerk there that if I wanted to close out a P.O. Box in another state and have it moved to Buda, could I do it through him? He looked at me like I was crazy. Then he said that all I had to do was not renew the P.O. Box in the other state and mail them back the key. There is no refund. When you buy a term of usage of a P.O. Box, it's for keeps; it's final. I could have the mail forwarded from that P.O. Box to the new one I was setting up in Buda,  but they weren't going to help me close out the other box. They have nothing to do with the other box. If I turn the key to the other box over to them, what are they supposed to do with it? Mail it back to the post office in the other state? They're not going to do that. It isn't their responsibility to do it; it's mine.  

And what about the fact that Oswald didn't have a car? The P.O. Box that he supposedly had in Dallas was nowhere near his home or his job. So, if he was receiving newspapers there on a regular basis, it meant that he had to pick them up. It meant that he had to walk to that distant post office repeatedly, all the time,  just to get copies of the Daily Worker and various Russian newspapers? Or perhaps you think he took the bus to go the post office on a regular basis to get his newspapers. But, riding the bus only increased the cost, and who would do that, go to such tremendous trouble? NOBODY WOULD DO IT. 

The whole case against Lee Harvey Oswald is a laughing stock, and it is stone cold dead. Only the likes of David Von Pein and John McAdams can believe it- people who refuse to give up on it even though it's dead.     

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