Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Richard Miodownick, the owner of the Oswald is Innocent Facebook group and a member of the OIC, wrote to the National Archives asking them if they have a photo of James Bookhout. And guess what? THEY DON'T! 

Dear Mr. Miodownick,

After a careful search of our records, we regret to inform you that we were unable to locate any photos of James Bookhout in the Still Pictures Branch. It is possible that photos of Mr. Bookhout may exist in the Kennedy Assassination Records in the Special Access and FOIA branch. You can learn more about them and obtain their contact information by clicking here

If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

Michael Bloomfield 
Still Pictures Reference Team
National Archives and Records Administration 

And, Mr. Bloomfield, although you may think it's possible, I say it is highly unlikely that the Special Access and FOIA branch have any images of James Bookhout either. 

Although James Bookhout attended every Oswald interrogation and followed him everywhere he went, there are no images of him from the JFK assassination weekend, at least, not officially. I guess we are supposed to believe that the cameras just missed him. 

And that photographic blackout of James Bookhout continued from the JFK assassination for the rest of his life, until the end of his life, including his obituary- except for two bogus images of him which surfaced in the very recent past in response to our work. And, those two bogus images were sent to the son of James Bookhout, Constable Jim Bookhout, and he refused to confirm that they are his father. They are NOT his father.

And, note that those bogus images are NOT part of the official record; they are just buff stuff. So, officially, there is NOTHING; not a single recognized image of James Bookhout.

And, that is what started this whole process, when I asked myself, "What about James Bookhout? Let's see his image." And it dawned on me that there aren't any.   

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