Friday, June 17, 2016

Abraham Bolden, the first African-American Secret Service agent and personally appointed by JFK, requested that I send him hard copies of the collages of Oswald and Doorman, and I am doing that today. And I am including the following letter, which is now an open letter. 

It is impossible to exaggerate the sacrifice that Abraham Bolden made for President Kennedy and his dedication and loyalty to the man. I'll make a comparison to Tim McCarthy, who took a bullet for President Reagan. Tim is a great hero, and he deserves all the accolades he gets. But, if I had to choose between going through what Tim went through for Reagan or what Abraham went through for JFK, I'd choose Tim's fate. He got shot in the chest, but he made a full recovery in a matter of months, and he went on to bigger and better things, including much praise and many honors, all well-deserved. 

But, for his loyalty to President Kennedy, Abraham went to prison for 8 years where he was declared to be mentally ill and drugged against his will, and where his family became destitute.

I'm just saying that I'd rather have gone through what Tim went through than what Abraham went through. 

So, here is the letter I am sending today by snail mail to Abraham Bolden, a great American who, to this day, is largely, an unsung hero.
Oswald Innocence Campaign
for the exoneration of Lee Harvey Oswald
Larry Rivera, Chairman
Ralph Cinque, Administrator


To: Abraham Bolden

Dear Abraham,

Here are the collages of Oswald and Doorman that you requested, showing the match of the man and the clothing.  The fact that Doorman looks like Oswald, anatomically, is impressive, but when you add the fact that he is wearing the same clothes- the exact same outfit- it puts it over the top. There is no way that Oswald and Lovelady could have looked that much alike and also dressed that much alike.

You’ll notice that on some of them I excluded the tops of their heads. That’s because they altered the top of Doorman’s head, giving him that of Lovelady. It’s the one thing they did to turn him into Lovelady.

Abraham, no defense of Oswald can be effective without providing him an alibi. It’s not enough to say he didn’t do it. We must establish where he was at the time of the crime.  And where he was at the time of the crime was standing in the doorway watching the motorcade- just like the other employees.

On behalf of our chairman, Larry Rivera, our prominent members such as Attorney Vincent Salandria, the late Attorney Mark Lane, seven professors including Jim Fetzer, David Wrone, and Gerald McKnight, prominent assassination authors such as Jim Marrs, Peter Janney, Phillip Nelson, and Craig Roberts, and our other dedicated members from all over the world, we thank you for your loyalty to President Kennedy, for whom you sacrificed so much, and for your activism in the cause of JFK truth. We are honored to have you among us.

Ralph C. Cinque



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