Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Peter Martyn 

> We are talking about adult human beings here, right? So, Shelley read off
> a list of names, saying, for instance, "Frazier" and Frazier responded by
> saying "Here"? Or "Present"?  Just like in grade school? Is that what we
> are supposed to believe? But, it's ridiculous because nobody would do
> that. Nobody would behave like that. If Shelley had a list, and he had
> these men in front of him, he would just look and see who was there, and
> check off their names. He could see, couldn't he? They were all close at
> hand, weren't they? He knew them all, didn't he? He would just scan
> himself and check-off who was there.
If you had been taking large groups of school children to ski resorts in
cold weather then you would find very mundane reasons for a roll call
before you come back again.  If it is two children and you know both of
them then probably you don't need a roll call but if it is twenty or
thirty then people who are experienced in this sort of business seem to
think that a roll call is really the most practical way of simply finding
out who is there for sure (and we're going to do it a thousand millions of
times over and get it right every time). 

Ralph Cinque:

Stop making excuses. These weren't children. And if Shelley and Truly said nothing about conducting a roll call, then why should we believe Frazier? And it wasn't even true what Frazier said about everyone except Lee Oswald being present. Charles Givens wasn't there. So, why didn't they suspect him of being the killer and putting out an APB on him?  

I tell you... you people. How long do you think you can keep this up? Don't you know your boat is sinking? 

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