Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why even take roll anyway when they weren't going to resume work? Or was it to find the killer?

But, what would happen in the real world is that Shelley would just take a "head count." He wouldn't call roll. It wasn't elementary school. 

And even in elementary school, calling roll is more about teaching kids to be accountable and to respond to authority and function within a group more than anything else. It's not like it's really necessary to read all those names. The teacher could just scan the room and see who's there. She knows them, and if there's an empty desk that's normally occupied, she's going to notice it. Again: it's just an exercise in authoritarianism.  

But, Frazier has got them doing it at the TSBD with full-grown men. It's ridiculous. It didn't happen. And nobody but the childlike Frazier claims it did.

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