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Mother of God, this claim of Buell Frazier's is absurd! He claims there was a roll call, an actual roll call after the assassination, in which names were shouted and each had to respond- like in first grade. I'll give you the link so that you can listen to Frazier yourself. 

But first, it doesn't make sense. He said that it involved all the warehouse workers, of which he gave these examples:  the "bosses", the "order-fillers", and the "packers." But, only the warehouse workers, not the office people who worked on the 2nd floor or elsewhere. 

We are talking about adult human beings here, right? So, Shelley read off a list of names, saying, for instance, "Frazier" and Frazier responded by saying "Here"? Or "Present"?  Just like in grade school? Is that what we are supposed to believe? But, it's ridiculous because nobody would do that. Nobody would behave like that. If Shelley had a list, and he had these men in front of him, he would just look and see who was there, and check off their names. He could see, couldn't he? They were all close at hand, weren't they? He knew them all, didn't he? He would just scan himself and check-off who was there. And then finally, he might say something like: "Where's Oswald?" But, there was no need to have a roll call. It wasn't Kindergarten.

What is wrong with people that they can't see the infantileness of this?

BUELL WESLEY FRAZIER -- "Mr. Shelley got us together--he and Mr. 
Truly--and we had a roll call." 

GARY MACK -- "And where did this take place?" 

FRAZIER -- "Outside Mr. Shelley's office." 

MACK -- "Did they actually read off names? Or did they just ask you guys, 
'anybody missing'?" 

FRAZIER -- "No, they read names off and you had to answer." 

MACK -- "Okay. And who was missing?" 

FRAZIER -- "The only person missing was Lee Oswald." 

Buell Frazier is nothing but a mouthpiece for the official story. His job is to support it.  He speaks kindly of Oswald when he does it because it makes him seem sympathetic to Oswald.  

This claim about Shelley and Truly conducting a roll call is bogus. Here is the testimony of Bill Shelley in which he said nothing about it.

Here is the relevant testimony in which he described what he did after the shooting:

Mr. BALL - What did you and Billy Lovelady do?
Mr. SHELLEY - We walked on down to the first railroad track there on the dead-end street and stood there and watched them searching cars down there in the parking lots for a little while and then we came in through our parking lot at the west end.
Mr. BALL - At the west end?
Mr. SHELLEY - Yes; and then in the side door into the shipping room.
Mr. BALL - When you came into the shipping room did you see anybody?
Mr. SHELLEY - I saw Eddie Piper.
Mr. BALL - What was he doing?
Mr. SHELLEY - He was coming back from where he was watching the motorcade in the southwest corner of the shipping room.
Mr. BALL - Of the first floor of the building?
Mr. SHELLEY - Yes.
Mr. BALL - Who else did you see?
Mr. SHELLEY - That's all we saw immediately.
Mr. BALL - Did you ever see Vickie Adams?
Mr. SHELLEY - I saw her that day but I don't remember where I saw her.
Mr. BALL - You don't remember whether you saw her when you came back?
Mr. SHELLEY - It was after we entered the building.
Mr. BALL - You think you did see her after you entered the building?
Mr. SHELLEY - Yes, sir; I thought it was on the fourth floor awhile after that.
Mr. BALL - Now, did the police come into the building?
Mr. SHELLEY - Yes, sir; they started coming in pretty fast.
Mr. BALL - Did you go with them any place?
Mr. SHELLEY - Yes; Mr. Truly left me guarding the elevator, not to let anybody up and down the elevator or stairway and some plainclothesmen came in; I don't know whether they were Secret Service or FBI or what but they wanted me to take them upstairs, so we went up and started searching the various floors.
Mr. BALL - Did you go up on the sixth floor?
Mr. SHELLEY - Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL - Were you there when they found anything up there?
Mr. SHELLEY - I was, I believe I was on the sixth floor when they found the gun but we were searching all parts of that floor.

It goes on from there where they go to City Hall, but Shelley makes no mention of any roll call, and he accounts for the time.  

Here is what Roy Truly said about it:

Mr. BELIN. About how long after these shots do you think it took you to go all the way up and look around the roof and come all the way down again?
Mr. TRULY. Oh, we might have been gone between 5 and 10 minutes. It is hard to say.
Mr. BELIN. What did you do when you got back to the first floor, or what did you see?
Mr. TRULY. When I got back to the first floor, at first I didn't see anything except officers running around, reporters in the place. There was a regular madhouse.
Mr. BELIN. Had they sealed off the building yet, do you know?
Mr. TRULY. I am sure they had.
Mr. BELIN. Then what?
Mr. TRULY. Then in a few minutes--it could have been moments or minutes at a time like that--I noticed some of my boys were over in the west corner of the shipping department, and there were several officers over there taking their names and addresses, and so forth.
There were other officers in other parts of the building taking other employees, like office people's names. I noticed that Lee Oswald was not among these boys.
So I picked up the telephone and called Mr. Aiken down at the other warehouse who keeps our application blanks. Back up there.
First I mentioned to Mr. Campbell--I asked Bill Shelley if he had seen him, he looked around and said no.
Mr. BELIN. When you asked Bill Shelley if he had seen whom?
Mr. TRULY. Lee Oswald. I said, "Have you seen him around lately," and he said no.
So Mr. Campbell is standing there, and I said, "I have a boy over here missing. I don't know whether to report it or not." Because I had another one or two out then. I didn't know whether they were all there or not. He said, "What do you think"? And I got to thinking. He said, "Well, we better do it anyway." It was so quick after that.
So I picked the phone up then and called Mr. Aiken, at the warehouse, and got the boy's name and general description and telephone number and address at Irving.
Mr. BELIN. Did you have any address for him in Dallas, or did you just have an address in Irving?
Mr. TRULY. Just the address in Irving. I knew nothing of this Dallas address. I didn't know he was living away from his family.

Again, there is no mention of any roll call. 

So, am I saying that Frazier just made it up about the roll call? 
Yes! YES! YES! He made it up.

Why did he make it such a childish story? Because he's a childish kind of guy. Haven't you noticed that about him?

It's possible that someone told him to say it. But, if so, it was long ago, the traumatized Frazier has long lost the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Who knows, at this point, he may actually believe there was a roll call. But, there is no reason for you to believe it. It's ridiculous. It's stupid. Nobody would do such a thing. And, I have given you concrete evidence that nobody did. There was NO roll call.  

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