Friday, June 24, 2016

I've been wondering for a long time who moved Oswald, and now I know: It was Jim Leavelle. He said he carried Oswald into the building with the help of another officer, although he couldn't remember who that officer was. But, that was the same day, so how could he not remember? It would be one thing if he didn't know the man, but he said he was an officer, and presumably, he knew him. You can hear him talk about it here:

So, since it was just two men doing it, it means that one grabbed Oswald by the arms, and the other grabbed him by the legs.

So, they carried him into the building, and then they just put him down on the floor. 

It seems like they would have found someplace else to put him.  

And, it turns out that Leavelle was one of two officers who rode in the ambulance with Oswald. Here is the other one getting into the ambulance. 

And here is Leavelle getting in on the other side:

And then once he got inside, Leavelle slumped down and pushed his hat down on his head. 

That is Leavelle, and that is his left hand atop his hat and head.

Now, why is he doing that? Does it seem to you that he was, perhaps, hiding? Not wanting to be recognized?  Where was Leavelle's mind at that moment because it doesn't seem to be on Oswald. Imagine that the victim was someone you cared about. You would obviously not be doing what Leavelle is doing. You'd be paying attention to the victim.  

It seems strange to me that two detectives would ride with Oswald in the back of that ambulance. It was an ambulance, so why weren't there ambulance attendants riding back there with Oswald? 

Today, they have ambulances that are mobile emergency rooms. They can start treatment right in the ambulance. This was not that. They didn't have EMTs back, but they did have what they called ambulance attendants. They could see if the victim's heart was beating- if he had a pulse. They could make sure his airway wasn't obstructed, and if necessary, alter his position to help him breathe better.  

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