Saturday, June 25, 2016

So, Jim Leavelle and another officer picked Oswald up and carried him inside. Of course, not a speck of it was caught on tape. Why not?

Do you recall the video of Oswald arriving at the PD and being taken up to the Homicide Division on the 3rd floor? They had film cameramen in the procession who were moving with it and filming it. It's what we're looking at. So, the film cameramen were mobile. 

So, why didn't the film cameramen hone in on Oswald?

Originally, there was only one star to this show, and that was Oswald. All cameras were on him. Right? But then, there were two stars: Oswald and the shooter. But, of the two of them, I should think that Oswald was still more important, especially since he was shot. 

The shooter was quickly swarmed with cops and taken completely out of view. Then, as a group huddled around him, they shuffled him into the building. It's weird, but meanwhile, what was going on with Oswald? How was it that no camera was able to capture any part of his developments? 

Oswald and Ruby had to be taken through the same door. So, who was brought there first? The rugby team that were surrounding Ruby and forcing him along or the two men (Leavelle and another officer) who were carrying Oswald? 

We don't know because none of it got filmed. But, was that an accident? I don't believe that for a second. They didn't want the disposition and handling of Oswald to be caught on tape.  And, they didn't want the taking of Ruby into the building to be caught on tape. They didn't want us to see either one. The only thing we saw after Oswald was shot was Ruby diving into a cluster of men and being swarmed by them. And we got a fleeting glimpse of Oswald lying on the ground. 

 After that, it was just pandemonium, men scurrying around, and lots of curtain frames in which all you see is someone's back. And that was the best that any filmer could do, supposedly. But, they didn't want us to see what happened. They didn't want us to see what happened.

Now you should watch this.

It includes an interview with LC Graves, the detective on the other side of Oswald. He cites the time as "about 11:15." Hmm. It was broadcast supposedly live at 11:21. An easy discrepancy needing no explanation?  Perhaps.

There is also an interview of Leavelle from the next day which is bizarre because he and the reporter talk about the successful transfer of Ruby (without him being shot) as though it was a major accomplishment, a job well done. But, look how Leavelle was dressed.

  No more Easter suit. He was back to wearing normal clothes. So, what was that about, Leavelle wearing that ornate cream-colored suit? Was it to provide contrast between him and Oswald in the dark sweater?

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