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Oswald was scheduled to be moved at 10 AM. As you know, it didn't happen until 11:20. That's a long delay. Now, I realize things sometimes things get delayed, but this wasn't a wedding, and it was long even for weddings, which are notorious for being delayed. 

So, why was it delayed, and what was going on during the delay?

We have a Fritz Note for an Oswald interview which took place from 10 AM to 11:15. 

But, if they were going to interview Oswald at 10, why did they announce that he was going to be relocated at 10?

But note that Fritz didn't actually take any notations. 

It says "arr 10- 11:15." Arr can mean anything that anyone wants it to mean. I presume it means "arround".  Fritz wrote down that Postal Inspector Holmes was there, as well as SS Agent Thomas Kelley and SS Agent Forrest Sorrels. It also says "et al" which means "and others". Then it says "Chief." Does that mean that Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry was also there?

But apparently, not one word Oswald said in an hour and fifteen minutes registered with Fritz as being important enough to write down. He wrote down nothing at all. Zero. Zed. Nada.

But, according to Postal Inspector Holmes, Oswald sang like a canary about his glorious trip to Mexico City. Didn't Fritz consider that noteworthy? This is what Fritz said about the first time Oswald was asked about Mexico City:

Mr. BALL. What did he say when he was asked if he had been to Mexico City?
Mr. FRITZ. He said he had not been. He did say he had been to Russia, he was in Russia, I believe he said for some time.
Mr. BALL. He said he had not been in Mexico City?
Mr. FRITZ. At that time he told me he had not been in Mexico City.
Mr. BALL. Who asked the question whether or not he had been to Mexico City?
Mr. FRITZ. Mr. Hosty. I wouldn't have known anything about Mexico City.  

There is also this:

Mr. BALL. In his first interview you say that Hosty asked him if he had been to Mexico.
Mr. FRITZ. Yes; he did.
Mr. BALL. He denied it. Did he say he had been at Tijuana once?
Mr. FRITZ. I don't remember him saying he had been at Tijuana.
Mr. BALL. What did you remember him saying?
Mr. FRITZ. I remember him saying he had been to Russia, told me he had been to Russia, and was over there for some time, and he told Hosty that he had a record of that, knew he had been there, told him a number of things so far as that is concerned.
Mr. BALL. What did he say about Mexico?
Mr. FRITZ. Mexico, I don't remember him admitting that he had been to any part of Mexico.
Mr. BALL. What do you remember him saying?
Mr. FRITZ. I remember he said he did not go to Mexico City and I don't remember him saying he ever went to Tijuana. 

The reason that Ball pressed him about Tijuana is because Hosty and Bookhout said that Oswald, when asked about Mexico City, said that he hadn't been there but that he had been to Tijuana.

So, according to Postal Inspector Holmes, during the delay from 10 to 11:20, a very important thing happened: Oswald completely reversed himself about not going to Mexico City. And yet, Fritz didn't write it down? 

Do you believe that? Is it necessary for me to tell you whether I believe it? I trust you know me better than that. 

Then, there is this from the New York Times, the paper of record, dated November 24, 1963:

"At about 11 o'clock, Chief Curry left his third-floor office, followed by plainclothes detectives and newsmen, to go to the basement. Oswald was still in a fourth-floor jail cell."

Wait a minute. You can't tell me that they were interviewing him in his jail cell. Therefore, was Lee Harvey Oswald interviewed by Fritz, Holmes, Sorrels, Kelly, et all from 10 to 11:15 or not? What gives? We are getting conflicting information here. 

So, at this point, who knows? We have to consider all possibilities, including that the real circumstance hasn't even been revealed. For instance, what if the delay was caused because they did some earlier takes of the Oswald shooting? Maybe it took them a while to get it right. 

And with that thought in mind, listen to these announcers announce when Oswald gets shot. First, I want to point out that to me, they sound like a couple of baseball announcers in their temperament. I can just imagine either one of them saying, "Pitch was low and outside. The count is 2 and 2." I want you evaluate their startled-ness when Oswald gets shot. We expect them to be startled, right? They don't sound startled to me. And the one guy who says and repeats, "Oswald has been shot. Oswald has been shot." says it like he's reciting it, and like maybe he has said it before that morning. 

"This is the basement floor of Dallas City Hall, and that is a scuffle on the basement floor."

"Oswald has been shot. Oswald has been shot."

It's pretty lackluster.  

Starts at the 13:00 minute mark:

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