Saturday, June 25, 2016

Let's take time out to talk about Brexit. Have you watched Brexit the Movie? It explains how the European Union- the people who run it- they are the most sprawling, predatory bureaucracy in the world, where they reward themselves with enormous salaries, perks, and benefits, and a special low tax rate, just for them.  
10,000 EU officials get paid more money than the Prime Minister of the UK.

After watching that, why would the average Brit want to support those people? In exchange for what? Regulations? Restrictions on trade? 

The Brits have to submit to the authority of their own government, obey its laws, pay its taxes, fight its wars, etc. Why would they want to submit, in addition, to another authority in Brussels, Belgium and have to take orders from them?

To me, this was a no-brainer for British voters. Out!

Now, they are talking about the "Trump bump" because he urged the Brits to dump the EU. But, that's not the only reason he's getting the bump. He's getting the bump because people are seeing that despite massive British government and British media and British celebrity endorsements of the EU (including from the very popular author of Harry Potter, JK Dowling, now richer than the Queen of England, who specifically trashed Trump) that voters rejected it. They just said no; they weren't buying it. 

The same thing is happening here in the US, where politicians and the media and the celebrities are trashing Trump, left, right, and down the middle. But now, American voters may take some gumption from the British. They may find the courage to resist all the pressure to vote for Hillary Clinton.  After all: the British did it. 

Am I saying that voting for the EU and voting for Hillary Clinton are about the same thing? Yes, that's what I'm saying. 

And who the Hell wants her??? Have Americans not had enough of the Clintons? They've been in our face since 1990!!!  Anyone but them!!! 

So, Trump got a bump from Brexit, alright. And it's probably bigger than they admit. 



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