Monday, June 27, 2016

In addition to everything else, it's dangerous to try to carve your initials into a bullet with a pocket knife. That's because you have to hold the bullet in one hand, and carve with the other hand, and you have to press hard because it's a bullet, not something soft. It's not as though knives go into bullets like butter. And therefore, the knife could easily slip with your hand below it, and you could easily cut yourself. 

But, Jim Leavelle got a nurse to do that???? We're not talking about Jim Bowie. We're talking about a nurse. It's preposterous. 

So, what else is preposterous in Jim Leavelle's claims? How about the claim that he saw Ruby coming, knew what was going to happen, and tried to prevent it by jerking Oswald behind him? He did no such thing. We know very well from the videos that Leavelle did not react to Ruby in any way until after Oswald was shot.

This is the instant that Oswald was shot. Ruby is shooting into Oswald's side. Leavelle has not jerked Oswald behind him or turned him or done anything else. His story about trying to protect Oswald is a complete fabrication, a total lie. 

And we have other views of it too.

 "Ruby" is firing right there and then. So, how can Leavelle claim that he jerked Oswald or turned him or did anything else to him? He's not even aware of Ruby yet. 

This next frame is post-shot, and the reason I can say that it is post-shot is because you see Oswald grimacing. We don't assume he grimaced before being shot, do we?

Leavelle has yet to take action, and Oswald has already been shot. Now, before you start thinking that Leavelle is saying these things because he is senile, confused old codger, here he is on November 24, 1963 making the same claim, that he saw Ruby in advance and tried to jerk Oswald out of the way. In fact, Leavelle said more than that on 11/24/63. He said that as he was jerking Oswald back that he shoved on Ruby's left shoulder. You can listen to it here starting at 2:28.

Leavelle: I tried to jerk Oswald behind me, and I reached up and caught a hold of Jack Ruby's shoulder, his left shoulder. I shoved back on it, at the same time pulling on Oswald. But, Ruby had this 38 snub-nose pistol, and all he had to do was pull the trigger.

He did not such thing. It was a complete, total lie, and he told it on 11/24/63.

Then, he told another lie: that Ruby tried to fire again, that he brought his left hand to the gun, so that he was handling it with two hands, and that he tried to fire again. Leavelle even demonstrated it. 

Unfortunately, the red line obscures it, but he is demonstrating a two-handed grip there. He said Ruby did that after shooting Oswald. He did not. 

This is Ruby after the shot. Detective Graves has got his shooting hand. Ruby's other hand is nowhere near the gun.

After that, Ruby dives into the center of the men, with a little help from them. He never tried to shoot again, and he never brought two hands to the gun. 

So, Jim Leavelle lied, but not just as a folksy, colorful old man embellishing a fish story. He lied that very afternoon. He lied from the start. What does that tell you?  

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