Saturday, June 25, 2016


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Ralph, you do know CNN wasn't around in 1963, don't you. Ted Turner
started it on 06/01/1980. It is routine for news networks to edit footage.
Even 24/7 cable networks do not have unlimited amounts of time to devote
to any one news story. Any coverage CNN has given the assassination has
been from a historical perspective, not a breaking news story. Of course
they are going to go for a sound bite. Do you seriously believe decades
after the assassination they decided to join in a cover up? 

Ralph Cinque:

What I think, Corbett, is that Oswald's short statement was edited because three times in that short statement, he requested a lawyer. He asked for legal representation. Twice. Then he asked for legal assistance. And when a guy has only got a minute to speak, and he repeats the same request three times, it's obviously very important to him. 

So, whether CNN specifically edited his statement or if it was done by someone else is NOT the issue. If they got it that way from someone else, so be it. But, the point is that it was edited, shortened to hide the fact that Oswald asked for a lawyer 3X in 60 seconds.   

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