Sunday, June 12, 2016

Watch this video in Google Chrome and slow it down to 1/4 normal speed. Watch what Oswald does starting at 1:15.

What he does, as I view it, is veer back and then goes straight down, and then he skiddales out of the way to his right, and then "Ruby" is thrust into the same spot that Oswald was. 

So, we'll start where we see Oswald's legs below. 

Then, he skiddales out of there.

Then, the spot where he was is empty.

Then, "Ruby" gets thrust right to that spot.

The guy on the far left seems to be looking down at Oswald, not at "Ruby". 

After that, the swarm of men start to maneuver "Ruby" into the building without stopping to cuff him- a very weird and unusual action; unprecedented. How did they even know to do it? Was someone shouting orders? Of course, Leavelle couldn't go along since he was tethered to Oswald. 

And that's it. We don't see Oswald again, and we don't see Ruby again, not in this film. Here is a look at Oswald from another film:

So, how did Oswald get to that from this?

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