Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I wrote recently about Madeleine Brown, which was prompted by an attack on her by James Corbett on McAdams' JFK forum. And I decided to contact my friend Pat Shannan, who is a real investigative reporter and also a member of the OIC, because I know that Pat knew Madeleine Brown. So, I asked Pat about the basis for her credibility. This is what he said:

 Ralph, I had first heard of the Thurs. night party at the Murchison house from CIA lifelong operative Col. Russell Bowen in 1994. At that time he was a former and remorseful drug-running pilot who also flew one of the "Triangular Assassination Teams" (as he called it) into Dallas that afternoon. (Everything They Ever Told Me was a Lie, Pat Shannan - 2011)
Russ still would crack up laughing whenever he would tell about George Bush and Richard Nixon saying that they couldn't remember where they were at the time. "I know where both the lyin' bastards were," he would say, "they were with me at Clint Murchison's house!"
Well, a year or so later I read somebody else's brief account of the alleged party meeting that was kinda' vague and possibly speculation, and I put the whole story on the shelf.
Then in '98, I met Madeleine at a Dallas expo, we exchanged books and two days later when I came to her Murchison story therein, I had her on the phone in ten minutes, and she began to confirm everything that Russ had told me about people present. (Russ said that even Henry Kissinger was there, but his face was too unfamiliar to the public at the time for Madeleine to confirm. Same with Bush, but she certainly recognized Nixon and Bulldog Hoover. She did not pretend to remember something that she didn't, which gave her whole story more credibility in my mind.)
A year or two after that, I met May, the Irish housekeeper for the Murchison family when Ted Gunderson was house-sitting at a different home for the younger generation. May remembered 11/21/63 very well and told me all about it. 
All of this gave more credence to both Madeleine and Russ.

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