Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So why, in 1963, did people ever accept this,that the police would herd a guy into a building, literally force him along- in a mob-like way- instead of getting him cuffed right there? 

I'll tell you why. It's because people were in shock-over what happened, first to Kennedy and now to Oswald. It was shocking. And during crises, people look to the government and the networks for answers, to make sense of it, to get a grip. It was like a storm at sea, in which the government and the media were the lighthouse. So, their guidance became hypnotic. In times of trouble, people look to authority. They are ready and willing to believe what they are told.    

But, this is 2016, and obviously times have changed. There is much more skepticism of authority today than ever before. And that skepticism needs to be applied here to this. It doesn't add up. 

I'll show you what happens next. "Ruby's" head pops up.

 Now, I don't know about the validity of that. But, it looks like his hat came off. But then look what happens:

 What is that? It almost looks like that guy in back put Ruby's hat back on him. But, is it even real? Again, I can't vouch for the validity of it. It might be trick photography. Doesn't the color of the hat look too black? It definitely wasn't that dark. This is black and white, but it should have had a lighter greyscale. 

After that, the camera zooms in.

But, why would that happen? 

Then, the herd starts moving away from Leavelle because he is cuffed to Oswald. So, the migration into the building has begun.

Then look what happens, we get to a completely black frame.

Then, it's more blocking frames: clever ways of not showing us what is going on.
And then we get to this, which again, is designed not to show us anything. It's really just noise. It's just conveying the idea of chaos, franticness, and pandemonium. 

This next frame is more of the same.

Notice that we are now completely severed from Ruby. We have lost touch with him. He is being herded into the building, but we don't see it, and we really have no idea where he is.

 You see that. It's just more yada-yada-yada. It's frantic. It's wild. But, it's giving us no information at all about Ruby or Oswald.

Then, you see a bunch of men going through the door into the building.

Then, they are careful to show you the door closing. 

Then, there's more yada-yada-yada. And then, near the end, they show us Ruby, now pacified, being led along.

Where's his jacket? Did it come off in the struggle? How? I don't care what they were doing to him; there is no way his jacket was going to come off.

And if his jacket couldn't come off, then his shirt couldn't get torn. 

Folks, this is theater. This is a guy in costume. He's been made to look like he was in a fracas. 

It's all an act. So, they ripped through all the buttons of Ruby's shirt? When he had his jacket on during the fracas? It's nonsense. It's theater. It's all just theater.  

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