Tuesday, June 21, 2016

They wanted Oswald dead in that theater. Of course, that's a widely held belief. So, did they tell those cops, "Be sure to kill him"? No. Of course not. It wasn't like that. They wanted it to happen naturally and spontaneously. By killing Tippit and branding Oswald as a cop-killer, they figured Nature would take its course. And getting Oswald armed- that was an absolute necessity. That's the reason why they couldn't kill him at the TSBD; he wasn't armed. How can you justify killing an unarmed man? 

But, as you know, it didn't work out that way for them at the theater. And, I don't know how close any of those cops got to pulling the trigger. Perhaps one or more of them got very close. 

And even though all it did for Oswald was give him two more days of life, it did bring out a lot. It definitely was a misfortune for the conspirators that it happened. 

Because; if Oswald had died in the theater, he wouldn't have had a chance to say anything. Do you know how many times he denied killing anybody? And I mean where we can hear it on tape. There were many more times, I'm sure, in which he said it to police, but I'm talking about where he said it out loud to reporters and it got recorded. It happened at least 13 times that I have counted. He also got to deny ordering or owning a rifle; to deny saying anything about curtain rods or carrying a long large bag into the building; to deny going to Mexico City; to deny posing for the Backyard photos and saying they were fake. And, he got to state that he was standing outside with Bill Shelley in front during the motorcade- his alibi. Altogether, that is a lot of good stuff, and it is the basis for a solid defense.

And, the fact that they did kill him on 11/24 supports the idea that they were out to kill him on 11/22.  That's because whatever reasons they had to kill him on 11/24 already existed on 11/22. They needed Oswald dead because they needed Oswald silenced. 

And the other very telling thing is that they refused to provide him a lawyer. Now, I've heard the story a thousand times that he was holding out for John Abt, blah, blah, blah, but I don't believe it. If he was holding out for John Abt, why would he appeal to the public so many times for a lawyer, as he did? And why would he complain that the Dallas Police were denying him a lawyer?- and it's a complaint he also registered with the judge. It would be insane for him to keep pleading for a lawyer and complaining about not having one while also turning down offers for a lawyer. 

And let's consider this issue with the spotlight on Robert Oswald, his so-called brother. RO visited LHO on Saturday. Stop for a moment and imagine that it was you and your brother. Your brother has been arrested for killing the President and a cop. You show up at his cell. What's the first thing you're going to say to him? 

"Lee, what happened? What is going on?"

"Robert, they think I killed the President and the policeman, but of course I didn't. You know me! You know I couldn't do a thing like that."

"Then why do they think you did it?"

"They found a rifle. They are claiming it's mine. But, I don't know anything about it. Robert, somebody is framing me."

"Now listen, Lee: we have to get you a lawyer. I don't want you to say another word to these fuckers until you have a lawyer who is advising you, telling you what to do, and speaking on your behalf."

"I know, I know. And there's this guy in New York named John Abt. I want to..."

"Shut the fuck up, Lee! You don't need any lawyer from New York. You're in Texas. You need a Texas lawyer. And you need him now! You needed him yesterday! Now, you listen to me, little brother: I don't want to hear another word from you about any fucking New York lawyers. I am going to get you a Texas lawyer, and I want you to tell these fuckers here that you are not saying another word to them until you have conferred with your lawyer, and after that, you will be following his advice; and they will have to deal with him. Now, have you got that?

"I do, Robert. I hear you. You're right. I know you are."

moment of silence; then Robert resumes, more calmly

"Are you alright? You look a little banged up?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. Don't worry about that. That's the least of my worries."

"Is there anything you want me to tell Marina?"

"Just tell her that I didn't do it, although she should know that." 

"Of course. Alright. I'll be back with an attorney as soon as I possibly can. Meantime, you hang in there, and keep your mouth shut. Have you got that?"

"OK. I will."

Now, that's how a real brother would have come to his aid. But, Robert was not his real brother, and he did not come to his aid. Robert Oswald was part of the conspiracy. He was part of the whole framing of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

And if you're a friend of mine, and you're concerned that Robert Oswald might sue me, no, he is not going to sue me. It's 2016, and nobody wants a JFK assassination trial in 2016. What they really want is for the JFK assassination to go away.

I know there is going to be a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald next year in November, but who do you think is organizing that? It isn't Robert Oswald. It's not anything that he wants. 

The bottom line is that the conspirators wanted Oswald dead on 11/22. They didn't get it. Why? Because we don't always get what we want. But, after that, the clock was ticking. Oswald was talking. It was hardly possible for them to keep denying him a lawyer. As soon as he got one, it would have been all over. The lawyer would have asked him, "Did you do this?" and Oswald would have said, "No." Then, the lawyer, being a lawyer, would have asked, "Then, where were you when JFK got shot?" And Oswald would have said, "In the doorway." That would have led to the Altgens photo and Oswald seeing it, and of course he would have identified himself in the picture. And then it would have been all over. They had to off him before it came to that.  

So, the ruse with Ruby was really a desperate, last minute act of desperation. It was the witching hour. They had run out of time. And for some reason, they didn't want the real Ruby to shoot him. They went through the farce with that midget guy pretending to be Ruby, and then they slipped the real Ruby in afterwards to assume his role as Oswald killer. Why was Ruby willing to do it? I don't know. He must have been beholden to somebody. But, he didn't do it. It was them- the same people who hoped Oswald would bite the dust in the theater. This was Plan B. 

Look at this ridiculous pile-up on the left. What could this possibly have been about? How many men does it take to dominate one little man? And notice afterwards that Ruby's hair wasn't even mussed. 

That's because it wasn't him. He wasn't in the middle of that pile. I'm serious. It was somebody else. Somebody they danced into the building without cuffing him. Why would they do such a thing? Because they did not want him to be seen. Because he was not Jack Ruby. 


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