Monday, June 20, 2016

This is the crop of the arrow from CE 369 from, a respected site:  

My enemies are claiming that if you lighten this image that it reveals two separate v-like pointers instead of one arrow. So again, they are back to the idea that there are two arrows there, not one. 

But, if you try to lighten the crop from history-matters, you get no break in the continuity of the arrow. 

So, there is no break there. None at all. It's still one arrow. 

But, let's try to get out of idiot mode here: First, you can only go by what the raw, unmodified image shows. You can't alter it and then makes claims based on that (even though it doesn't help them). But second, no honest, objective person would try to hide a second arrow within an existing arrow. The whole idea was to show two separate individual markings. Two individual opinions. What would be the point of doing it the way they are suggesting? Who would resort to such chicanery? The very idea of it is corrupt (as are the people who are making the claim). 

And, if Joseph Ball had gotten what he wanted, which was Lovelady confirming the arrow that Frazier drew, he would have celebrated it. He would have flaunted it. He would have sung it to the high heavens. He would have verbally articulated it, and he would have made sure that, at first glance, the photograph revealed two distinct arrows drawn to the same figure, Doorman, by two different men, and one of whom was Lovelady himself. There is no way he would have kept it a secret or wanted to keep it a secret. It would have been Nirvana to him, and he would have rejoiced and spread the word. The sun would have been shining on the cut grass, and he would have made hay.  

Let's go the distance and lighten it further to see if we can create a break.

Nope. There is still no break. And what's the point of going any lighter? 

It is just a ridiculous claim by desperate and stupid people. We have every right to expect people to act reasonably, and it would be utterly unreasonable for people to act as is being claimed: hiding a second arrow within a first. Joseph Ball was in charge- and I mean like Solomon or the King of Siam- and he had no reason to hide such a thing. On the contrary, he had every reason to celebrate and flaunt it- if he had it. This claim can't be rationalized on the basis of anyone's behavior.  And how come prior to 2012 nobody realized that there were two arrows there?

I'll tell you what this is like: it's like Max Holland discovering in 2011 that the first shot bounced off the traffic light. Ye gads. 

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