Sunday, June 19, 2016

Charlie Brown 
American history has shown that the odds are good that a president who is reasonably popular has an advantage and a better than average chance of re-election, whereas the challenger is usually at somewhat of an electoral disadvantage. They often benefit from that old adage about changing horses in the middle of a stream. Given that, all George W. Bush needed to do was get his foot in the door, so to speak, in 2000 ... and he would have a good chance for eight years in office. His brother was the governor of Florida, the contested state, and the state supreme court ruled that the ongoing recounts of hanging-chad ballots and other nonsense testing the patience of the courts and the public was to cease. That gave the election victory to George W. Bush, even though Al Gore won the popular vote. I have no idea what kind of a president Al Gore would have been, but not too long after a moving and well-delivered concession speech ... he seemed to wander off the reservation a bit and went whacko on us... Meanwhile, the inside job of 9/11 took place some eight months into Bush's presidency, and we proceeded to start two wars in the Middle East which seem to be eternal... and have undoubtedly been very profitable for the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about.
Ralph Cinque 
Wow, Charlie Brown. That was eloquent. Since your identity is protected, I am going to feel free to put that up on the OIC blog. Thank you.

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