Sunday, June 26, 2016

David Von Pein, a relentless advocate for the official story of the JFK assassination, and a rather tireless worker for it, who may put in more hours for it than anyone else, still has the same erroneous claim on his website concerning Lovelady's arrow on CE 369.

When Lovelady drew "that arrow" to himself? First, Von Pein is admitting that it's just one arrow, and that's good. But, the arrow is mostly in the white, so it must be Frazier's. I can guarantee you that Von Pein knows about the controversy I have raised, and he knows darn well that he has no right to claim that as Lovelady's arrow. Yet, he leaves the bogus claim up there.  But, he did add a footnote, and if you click on it, you get to this:   

I suppose this confusion about who drew the dark arrow pointing to 
Doorway Man in CE369 will spark some additional controversy concerning 
the true identity of the man in the TSBD doorway, with some conspiracy 
theorists possibly wanting to now claim that Billy Lovelady didn't 
really mark CE369 at all with an arrow in 1964. 

No, Von Pein. Nobody is going to claim that. Nobody could claim that. Joseph Ball is on record for saying, "you have one arrow in the white and one in the dark pointing to you." So, there has got to be two arrows there. But, since no one would describe the arrow we can see as being in the dark, it has to be Frazier's. And there is another reason why it has to be Frazier's, and that's because of Frazier's testimony. From it, we know that he drew an arrow, and we know that he drew it Doorway Man, and Joseph Ball articulated it that way; he put it to words. Since we know for certain that Frazier drew his arrow to Doorway Man, then we have to assume that that is the arrow we see. How could it not be? Because: if you say it's Lovelady's then it means that Frazier's arrow is invisible. 

So, since that's the only one, and it's pointing to Doorman, it MUST be Frazier's.  

Besides, Frazier is still alive, and I'm sure we could get him to admit that it's his arrow, and I mean the whole thing.    

But it's quite clear to me from the Warren Commission records that 
BOTH Wesley Frazier AND Billy Lovelady drew separate arrows pointing 
to the SAME PERSON (Doorway Man) in Commission Exhibit No. 369. 

Now, Von Pein is just being evasive. What he's saying is that it's clear to him from the testimonies that both Frazier and Lovelady drew arrows, but for some reason unknown to him, for which he hasn't the slightest clue, only one arrow can be seen on the photo.

Remember what Ayn Rand said, Von Pein, that there is no such a thing as a contradiction- not in real life. If you think you are facing one, then check your premises because you are overlooking something or mistaken about something. 

But, in the meantime, Von Pein ought to be smart enough to know that he can't claim that the one visible arrow was Lovelady's, and therefore, he needs to remove that claim from his website. 

Remove it, Von Pein. Do it for the sake of honesty, Von Pein. Do it for the sake of integrity. Do it for the sake of decency. 

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