Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jeremy Bojczuk (and I have no idea whether that is a real name or an alias) runs a large, longstanding site that, to some extent, defends Oswald and challenges the official story. But, I am riddled with suspicion about him and his site, and I operate on the assumption that he is an Op. It's because of some things he says, such as:

The identification of Oswald as the ‘Prayer Man’ figure in the Wiegman and Darnell films is by far the stronger of the two claims, and is discussed in a separate article,Who Is ‘Prayer Man’? The figure in the Altgens photograph is much less likely to be Oswald, and is discussed below.

That is patently absurd.

And then, the other reason I think Jeremy Bojczuk is an Op is because he comes highly recommended by Debra Conway, and she is definitely an Op. 

However, he does have this on his site:

So obviously, it never occurred to him to call the one big arrow two arrows:

If you showed that photo to 100 people, 100 out of a 100 would call the large prominent thing on the left one arrow. Make it 1000 out of 1000. 

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