Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What a photo, huh? The evening of June 4, 1968. Robert Kennedy had just won the California Democratic primary election. That's his wife Ethel next to him.  Look at the joy, the happiness, the elation. Shortly after midnight, he was fatally shot. He didn't lose consciousness right away, and they say he asked about and showed concern for the other victims. For as long as he was able to think, did he think about who did this? It's well known that he privately, that is, within a very small circle, believed that his brother was killed by the powerful cabal that included Lyndon Johnson. Therefore, didn't he have to think that the same cabal had shot him? How could he not?

And what about his wife because almost half a century has passed, and she's had a lot of time to think about it.  Did she really think then and does she really think now that yet another lone nut did this?

Well, actions speak louder than words, and as far as I know, Ethyl Kennedy has never challenged, disputed, or made trouble for the official story- of her husband's murder or her brother-in-law's. 

The question is: why? And, of course, it isn't just her. It's true of the whole Kennedy clan. When did Teddy Kennedy ever make trouble or put up resistance to the official stories of either of his brothers' deaths or his nephew's? And by that time, Teddy Kennedy was JFK Jr.'s surrogate father. 

So, what was and is wrong with them? I think it comes down to one thing: Statism. The religion of Statism. To some people, particularly people like them, the State not only investigates and informs, the State defines reality.  It's like they are not living on Earth, on the free, open Earth. They are living in a bubble that is created and maintained by the State. And the Media is really just the State's Media. They don't call it Pravda or anything like that. It's supposed to be independent. But, it's independence is a farce. The State and the Media are a complex: the State/Media Complex. And, that complex is so pervasive that it gets to define everything. But, we should add a third element, the mega-corporations. So, it's really the State/Media/Corporate complex. It's straight out of Orwell. The State/Media/Corporate complex, that is the Big Brother that Orwell wrote about. 

Eisenhower, in his final speech, referred to it as the Military-Industrial Complex. I'm OK with that, but I think it's a bit too narrow. That's fine if you're talking about the promotion of wars, and I think that's what Ike was talking about. But, the whole picture is bigger than that. For instance, what about the pharmaceutical power-wielders, who get the State to take responsibility for their products, vaccines, so that if you have a disastrous outcome and sue, it's the taxpayers who are on the line, not the drug company that made it. That may not have anything to do with war (although soldiers are the most vaccinated people after children) but it's about as fascist as you can get.  

So, after an event like an assassination, people look to the State for not just answers, but rescue and light, and what the State tells them hits them like a wave, like a tsunami. What the State says just runs over the whole landscape; in this case, the mental landscape. The State does soothe. The State is the symbol and the manifestation of order in Society. It's the State that keeps the trains running on time. (that's mostly a metaphor now) It's the State that runs the schools. (that is not a metaphor) It's the State that oversees practically all branches of Science, so that even scientific decrees usually come from the State. So, how can you not believe what the State tells you about an assassination?

Ethyl Kennedy? She's not a pariah. She's like an American version of a British Dame. She didn't want out.  Imagine how different her life would have been if she had become a JFK and RFK truther. There was a place for her- a place of respect- in the post-RFK world, and I mean, of course, the Establishment world.  

So, is that why no Kennedys have ever fought for truth and justice for John, Bobby, and John Jr.? Yes. I'm afraid so.  

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