Saturday, June 11, 2016

Now, it's time for another election commentary, and it continues to be wild and unprecedented. I predicted that Trump was going to seal the Republican nomination, and that Hillary would brush Bernie Sanders aside. I also said that the Republican leaders would have a hard time ever endorsing Trump. How could they after trashing him the way they have? Just yesterday, Bob Dole gave his tepid endorsement to Trump. But, Dole is 92 years old and  is probably regarded as a senile old man. Who besides him among the mainstream Republicans have endorsed Trump?

I think you're going to see some big names among the Republicans endorsing Hillary. For instance, I think there is a good chance the Bushes will endorse her.  

But, the most bizarre and unprecedented thing right now is the media coverage, which is 100% anti-Trump and pro-Hillary. They're even pro-Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. 

This time around, Gary Johnson's third-party bid makes sense

Why? It's because they know full-well that 100% of the votes he gets are going to be taken away from Trump, not Hillary. A vote for him is going to be like a vote for Hillary.

There are a lot of articles like this one, discussing how the Republican leadership can foil Trump at the convention even though he won mightily in the primaries. 

The GOP's nuclear option: how Trump could be denied the nomination even with a majority

Think about what it means. It means: Fuck the voters. Who gives a shit what they want? We know what's best for the country, and it isn't Trump.

When has a major party candidate been pilloried and trashed the way Trump is being? Never. This is much worse than Barry Goldwater in '64 or George McGovern in '72. It is truly historic and unprecedented what is happening right now. 

As for Hillary's legal problems, forget about it. They're not going to go after her. If they knew she murdered someone with her bare hands they wouldn't go after her. That's because it would usher Trump into the White House.   

You would think from the media coverage that it's just the tin-foil hat crowd that support Trump. But remember how he crushed his opponents in the primaries. They were registered Republican voters, but that wasn't the essence of it. The essence of it was that they were regular people who were voicing their disgust with the career politicians. So, although one should expect Trump to do less well among Democrats, he should every bit as well among independents. And they comprise a large part of the electorate. 

Here's a Gallup poll which shows that a record 43% of Americans now consider themselves independents.

And I think that among those independents, a great majority are going to prefer Trump over Clinton. To me, it is amazing that anyone would want the Clintons back in the White House. Haven't we had enough of those people? They've been in our face since 1990. 

So, just as I think the Establishment underestimated Trump's appeal to Republican voters, I think they are underestimating his appeal to voters in the general election. If I was going to bet, I'd bet on him. 

However, I probably wouldn't bet because it looks like it's going to be close. I don't say that what the Establishment is doing isn't working to some extent. Trump needs to step up his game because he has been entirely on the defensive lately, and that is not a good place to be. 

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