Sunday, June 12, 2016

Did Oswald move out of the way? After he was shot and had his major blood vessels severed? That's how it looks to me. I'll show you. First, here is Oswald reacting to being shot by Ruby from the side:

So, Oswald is cringing there; he's going down. But that's going to change. Ruby is going to swing around 90 degrees, making it look like he shot him from the front, and Oswald is going to veer back.

The next thing that is going to happen is that Oswald is going to drop straight down. He's going to go down like an elevator. 

After that, Oswald's head is going to disappear. We're not going to see it any more. But, we can look for his legs at the bottom.

I take that to be Oswald's left thigh, which means that he must be kneeling at that point. So, he landed on his knees. But, look what happens next:

It looks like he is taking off on his right foot, which is outstretched and planted on the ground. Look at the stretch between his two thighs. Oswald is turned to his right, which is left to us, and he is taking off in that direction. 

How could he do all that after having his aorta and vena cava severed? 

If Oswald landed on his knees then the next thing that should have happened, if he was incapacitated as he should have been, is that he should have toppled. In other words, he should have been a passive object, totally at the whim of gravity. But, what we're seeing above is not toppling. It is not gravitational. That's a guy moving under his own power.  

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