Sunday, June 26, 2016

Now, this isn't bad. This, I can use- even though it came from an enemy.

If that's magnified 1000x, shouldn't it show us what is really there on the left? And it looks like one continuous figure. To claim that that is two arrows drawn by two different men is to claim that there was a CONSPIRACY to hide it, to fool the world. Someone is accusing Joseph Ball and Billy Lovelady of committing a conspiratorial act. And the conspiracy involved not just Ball and Lovelady but also Frazier because even though Frazier wasn't there the day it happened, he surely has gotten to see CE 369, and if he knew that someone embellished his arrow, so that it's not the same as it was when he drew it, that it's not all his drawing, then he had an obligation to say so. 

"You know, I didn't draw all that. That's not how it looked when I was finished. Lovelady must have added to what I did."

What, are they going to get Frazier to say that now? After 52 years? But actually, it's pretty insane if they keep talking about this without going to Frazier because: THE MAN IS ALIVE! It would be different if he was dead, but he's alive. 

When, in nearly 53 years, has Buell Frazier said that? It is infantile to think that Ball and Lovelady committed such a duplicitous act, especially when they had no reason or motive to do it. Are you crazy? Ball had no reason to make two arrows appear as one. That's like exchanging $200 for $100. Who would do that?

So, this is great! Let's keep talking about it and get more people talking about it, so that it comes to a head and somebody has to go to Frazier. I would be delighted if someone would put Frazier in the hotseat about this, and I would if I could. 

I have said before that lightening a photo is altering it because it's lifting ink out. And I say that knowing that I have lightened photos. But, I have never lightened a photo and said that it originally looked that way and was seen that way. And likewise, even enlarging a photo alters it. That is widely known. You're separating the pixels, and at some point, the distortion is so bad that it's of no use at all. You can only enlarge so much. But here, he's enlarged it 1000x, and yet, we still see an intact arrow on the left with no separation.  

So, that's good, and I'll make use of it. And on the right, the enlargement has distorted the line on the forearm making it look more like, I don't know, a Christmas tree. But, I attribute that to the distortion. However, look in front of it. Is that the head of Lovelady's arrow?

So, is that the head of Lovelady's arrow? I don't know for sure because, again, there is so much distortion involved with this much enlarging. But, it's possible. 

But, the bottom line is that mature persons are going to realize that there is no way Ball and Lovelady conspired to hide his arrow amidst Frazier's, making two arrows appear as one, not only because it's wrong to do it but because neither of them had any incentive, reason, or motive to do it. For Joseph Ball, two arrows was a good thing, not a bad thing. Who hides good things? Who makes good things disappear? Who makes two good things look like just one good thing? 

So, there is NO CHANCE that Ball did that. And, it is really a very desperate act and wild fanciful recourse to say that he did.  

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