Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wesley Frazier claiming that there was a "roll call", which conflicts with what both Shelley and Truly said even though they were the ones who supposedly conducted the roll call, is really very important. 

But first, let's recognize something: it's not just Shelley and Truly who contradict Frazier. It's all the other workers as well.

Think about it: Frazier said that all the warehouse workers were present at the roll call except for Lee Oswald. 

That means that Billy Lovelady was there for the roll call. So, why didn't he mention it? 

It means that Danny Arce was there for the roll call. So, why didn't he mention it?

It means that Bonnie Ray Williams was there for the roll call. So, why didn't he mention it?

Do you want me to go put up their testimonies to show you that they cover the time period without mentioning any roll call?

But, what makes it important is that if Frazier could cite something as bogus as that- a roll call- then his whole claim that Oswald carried a long package into the building that morning becomes ever more suspect and doubtful. 

Remember: of all the TSBD employees, the ONLY one who saw Oswald with a long package was Wesley Frazier. Nobody else. And Jack Dougherty saw Oswald right when he entered the building. 

And if anyone else had seen Oswald carrying a long bag, you can be certain that that person would have been called to testify about it. So, in this case, the absence of any such witness is tantamount to there being no such person; that nobody saw Oswald walking through that building with a long bag. 

The whole claim, the whole presumption, of Oswald bringing a rifle into the building that morning rests on Frazier- the guy who waxes on about an imaginary roll call. So, why should he be believed about the long package? Oswald denied it. He said that the only thing he brought to work that morning was his lunch: a cheese sandwich and an apple. Presumably, it was in a bag, but how long a bag would he need to contain it? And who would carry his lunch in his arm pit?

Do you see now how crucial Frazier is to the whole official story, the whole official lie? He's like the lock that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean at the Panama Canal. Without him, they couldn't push it through.

Am I saying that Frazier is unreliable? Oh, I'm saying much more than that. I'm saying Wesley Frazier is completely out of touch with reality, that he has no ability to distinguish real memories of real experiences from the raving concoctions of his own mind. Mentally, he is gone. THERE IS NOT A WORD COMING OUT OF HIM THAT AN INTELLIGENT PERSON SHOULD ACCEPT AS VALID. Frazier doesn't "remember" anything. It's past that for him. He's out of touch with reality. His thoughts are a bizarre mixture of vague memories and stilted scripts that were imposed on him by others long ago- and perhaps not so long ago. You know they keep a close watch on Frazier. You might say he's still got handlers. 

Frazier is loony! And yet the whole official story of the JFK assassination rests on him.      

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