Thursday, June 23, 2016

Anthony Marsh 

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And you know this (that cops wouldn't wrestle a guy into a building without cuffing him)  because you are a cop?


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Don't any of Raff*'s 'senior members' read this?  It's kind of like
finding out you've joined NAMBLA by accident. 

Ralph Cinque:

Yes, other senior members have read this because I posted it all over Facebook, and some of our members follow me there. And as I recall, it got a lot of Likes.

And Anthony Marsh, as usual, has it turned upside down. What's needed here is for him or somebody to cite any other time in the history of police work that a hostile and aggressive subject was moved somewhere without first stopping him by cuffing him: getting him under complete control. The idea that police would wrestle some guy into a building without cuffing him is ridiculous. The first thing they do to a guy who is aggressive is disable his aggression. Again: when has what we see in the Oswald shooting video ever been seen before or since? 

And what it really comes back to is the notion the JFK assassination happened in another world, another dimension, another realm, another universe. It didn't. It happened right here.    

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