Sunday, June 26, 2016

Anthony Marsh 

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Wait a minute. You think someone has a theory that Oswald faked his own
death? And he's now living in retirement in Moscow? 

Ralph Cinque:

A roomful of surgeons- some of whom were the same surgeons who worked on JFK- declared Oswald dead. So, unless you are going to accuse all those men of being conspirators, you have to accept that Oswald died in front of them.  

But, the question is not if and when he died but when he was shot? Was is it in the garage in front of national cameras? Or was it later? I think it was later. That's because there was not the slightest sign of any blood or even of any disruption of his clothing. No hole in the clothes. No hole in the clothes. No hole in the clothes. Then, they deliberately avoided showing him being moved from the garage into the building. Why accept that that was just a spontaneous happening, that all the filmers just happened to miss it? Oh well. Then, there is the fact of Oswald's devastating internal injuries, including complete circulatory collapse, and the impossibility of surviving for more than a very few minutes with such massive injuries. Multiple factors point to the garage spectacle being a hoax.    

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