Saturday, June 11, 2016

Don't you think it's strange that they rehabilitated the limo in which JFK was slaughtered? Why would they do that? Have other Presidents sit in the very seat where JFK got his brain blown out? It might be a bit distracting and unnerving, don't you think? And regarding money, they must have spent as much to restore it as what a new one would have cost. But regardless, this is the US government we're talking about. They borrow a million dollars a minute- and that's on a good minute. The cost of the limo was irrelevant. So, why'd they do it?

I think they did it in order to contain the evidence, to make sure that it didn't fall into the wrong hands. It would have looked bad if they torched it- though they would have been happy to. They couldn't sell it. And, I don't mean that they couldn't find a buyer; I'm sure they could have. But, that's exactly what they didn't want to do: hand it over to someone. That's because someone could have used it to run tests- including testing the Single Bullet Theory. 

So, by keeping it in the Presidential motor pool, they kept it out of enemy hands. And, I bet you it wasn't used very much.

The 1961 Lincoln’s incredible history continued long after the tragic events that unfolded in Dallas. Only five months after Kennedy’s assassination, the car was fully rebuilt, upgraded with bulletproof armor, and returned to the Presidential motorcade.
It would remain in service for another 13 years.
"It’s true," Anderson explained. "[The Lincoln] was fully rebuilt after the investigation and every subsequent President up to Gerald Ford used this vehicle."
The car’s return to official duty didn’t go without a hitch, however. "Lyndon Johnson himself insisted the car be painted black," said Anderson. "I’ve read anecdotally that he was never comfortable riding in the car."
Hmm. I bet he wasn't comfortable. I don't imagine any of them were too comfortable. 
So, right before Jimmy Carter came into office, not knowing what he might do, they got rid of it. They found a home for it at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. That's the same Henry Ford who made engines for the Nazi tanks. Let's remember that all three Presidents who used it after Kennedy had a hand in his assassination. Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. Ford's only role may have been in the cover-up, but that counts, in my book. And notice that it got sent to his hometown: Dearborn, Michigan. I'm sure Ford was very cozy with the Ford Motor Company execs. 
Here is another image of the limo at the Henry Ford Museum. I dare say they definitely moved those jump seats to get them more in the middle to support the Single Bullet Theory. 


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