Friday, June 24, 2016

So, the Brits decided to leave the EU, and it caught the globalists by surprise. They really thought it was going to go the other way. Or maybe they thought that someone behind the scenes would make sure it went the other way. And now, they're acting like the world is going to fall apart. 

Well, in case it does, you've got to be ready. And that's where homegrown food comes in. So, what I have for you tonight, (well actually, what I have for me tonight) are homegrown blackeyed peas. 

I eat the whole thing, pods and all. Those were just picked this evening. I steamed them for about 10 minutes and then laced them with a little extra virgin olive oil and a dash of Himalayan rock salt. That's it. Perfect. Delicious. Really good eating. So much better than dog meat. If you've got this, why would you eat a dog? Why would you even think about it? And I haven't had to buy seeds to plant in years. I just let some of the peas mature on the vine and shell them.  I get excellent germination, like 95%. And of course it's all totally organic; chemical-free. Nothing bothers this stuff. It's a mighty vegetable. And, it is so much tastier than any green bean you can buy in the supermarket. They hybridized all the flavor out of those things. This is really delicious. It's what you want to eat. 

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