Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The image on the right of the docile, gentle, peaceable Jack Ruby was taken even closer to the time of the frantic brawl, in which, he was, presumably, fighting like a dog. I guess he snapped out of it, eh? Or else they worked all the fight out of him. It's funny though how it didn't even muss his hair. But then again, they did have Brylcreem back then.
But, what could those men possibly be doing there? How could Jack Ruby, who from then on was the most gentle, docile, most cooperative prisoner there ever was, have been struggling and fighting and resisting so much as to require such a pile-up of men to subdue him? And how was it that they forced him into the building without first cuffing him? Think about it as a logistical operation. How did they do it? Were they picking him up, literally carrying him? Were they dragging him along the ground, his shoes scraping the floor? Was he resisting the whole time? And what happened as soon as they got inside? Did he suddenly cease and desist? But, how could this coordinated effort be done without somebody directing it? How does a large group of men know that they are going to do that, maneuver a man from a garage into a building? You can't tell me that it was there natural expectation because it wasn't. It's not what usually happens, and I doubt it has ever happened- before or since. Somebody had to tell them. Somebody had to give the order. Somebody had to coordinate it. And let's assume that once they got inside the building that they stopped and cuffed him. After all, it was just a few minutes later that we saw him being led around in handcuffs, completely and totally docile and pacified. So, why couldn't they do that outside? Why couldn't they cuff him outside, and why didn't they? I'LL TELL YOU WHY; IT'S BECAUSE THIS WAS A BAIT AND SWITCH. The first guy wasn't Jack Ruby. And those men swarming over him were not struggling with him; they were protecting him; shielding him; covering him up. They were acting like a curtain. Then, the completely non-credible, herd-like migration into the building was just the movement of him and the curtain inside- away from the camera. It was a curtain act. They wanted to get him off the stage. They were keeping him out of view, out of sight. This was a con-job, like in the movie The String, and do you know who the mark was? Us!
People never should have accepted this back in 1963. But to accept it in 2016? If you do, you're just drinking the Statist Kool-Aid. Heck, you're not just drinking it; you're gulping it down. It is bogus. It is indefensible. No adult, mature person is going to accept this. And certainly no one from the police world is going to believe that they relocated an aggressive, flailing subject without first cuffing him.

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