Sunday, June 26, 2016

This is Jim Leavelle getting into the ambulance next to Oswald. There was another detective on the other side of Oswald's stretcher. And that's it. No medical personnel. Just a driver and another guy riding shotgun. That's all.

Do you realize what it means? It means that this ambulance wasn't really an ambulance; it was just a glorified station wagon. There was no benefit, no advantage to waiting for it, and I mean medically for Oswald. Therefore, why wait? They had the armored truck right there ready to go, so why didn't they put Oswald in it and rush him to the hospital? Why wait for an ambulance when the ambulance and its attendants can't offer life-saving treatment? All they could offer was transportation. And there were other vehicles right there. It was, after all, a police garage. So, if there was a vehicle that was more practical for transporting Oswald than the armored truck, they could have used it. Even if they just used a regular police car and lied him down on the back seat, it would have been better than waiting.

Oswald immediately lost consciousness. That does not happen to all abdominal gunshot victims. So, he lost consciousness, and he lost it immediately. Why would he lose consciousness? There can only be one reason: lack of blood to his brain. His circulation must have collapsed (assuming he was really shot, that it wasn't a hoax). His circulation collapsed because his major blood vessels were cut. So, how long can a person live with no blood going to their brain? 

That ambulance was just a glorified taxi. Oswald received no medical care in it, and therefore, there was no reason to wait for it. He should have been rushed to the hospital immediately in whatever vehicle was right at hand. 

So, why wasn't he?

Some may say it's because they wanted him to bleed to death, but the thing is: he would have. I really think he would have. So, I think it's more likely that he wasn't shot until later. Exactly when I don't know. I am still studying it.   


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