Monday, June 27, 2016

We know, from that bullet story, that we have to be careful about Jim Leavelle and his stories. But, he claimed to bring Oswald into the PD, with the help of another officer.  

But, I wanted to see where he put Oswald, and he put him on the floor just inside the door. There is video of policemen standing around, hovering over Oswald's body, looking down at him, as he lies on the floor. It was right inside the door from the garage.  

Of course, that's good old Inspector Sawyer in the back, Mr. Perennial; he was always around. 

So, they are looking down at Oswald who is on the floor. 

Oswald is lying on the floor in the center of that group of men. You can see the one guy peering down at him. So, he's looking at Oswald. 

Where was Ruby while all this was going on? Well, we were told that he was hustled into the elevator and taken up to the 3rd floor. But look: he's about to enter this scene from the right. 

What??? That's the side where the door is to the garage. That's where they came in from the garage. There was a frenzy in the garage. The cops swarmed Ruby and hustled him into the building right away. That happened fast. It was earlier. We were told that he was put into an elevator and taken up to the 3rd floor. But, Oswald has been lying on the floor here for a while. He's been there for several minutes. So, how can they just be bringing Ruby in from outside? 

It was a wild mob and pandemonium as they rushed him, forced him through the door.  And then it turned into this? 

So, they are putting him on the elevator to go up to the 3rd floor just now? After all this time?

So, there Ruby is being put on the elevator. But, this is impossible. We saw how fast they hustled him into the building during the frenzy. But, this is long after the frenzy. There's no more frenzy, right? There are reporters there talking among themselves, and you can't tell me they let reporters in right away. They're asking, who is that guy? Somebody says that it's apparently the guy who did the shooting, who shot Oswald. But, what would Ruby still be doing there on the first floor at this late time? The frenzy has been long over. You can't tell me that they got Oswald into the building before they got Ruby into the building. Look how it went down:

So, the cops are huddled around Ruby on the right, and they are moving fast. They are hustling him away- into the building. Leavelle, who is cuffed to Oswald, is left behind. You can't tell me that he and another guy got Oswald into the building and laid out on the floor before the other cops got Ruby into the building. They were on the go. They were on the move. Leavelle hasn't even decided what he's going to do yet. He hasn't even started looking at Oswald yet. Notice above that he is still twisted to the right. He's still absorbed in the action with Ruby. 

Let's go back to Oswald being shot. Note the time in the video: 20 seconds.

After that, Oswald goes down, and the cops swarm around Ruby and start herding him into the building. They don't stop to cuff him; they just herd him into the building. Here they are going through the door.

Note the time in the video: 35 seconds. So, it's 15 seconds later. The door gets closed.

Alright, so it's 16 seconds later, and they have got Ruby inside. You saw the wild pandemonium. It was all frenzy, turmoil, panic, commotion. And why should we assume the pandemonium ended as soon as they got inside? If Ruby was struggling, fighting, and resisting, did he suddenly stop as soon as they got  inside?

It doesn't make sense. I didn't realize it until now, but those men are looking down at Oswald, who is on the floor. This is just inside that office. Oswald has been there a while, and it's long after the frenzy. So, how can Ruby still be there? We saw them hustle him inside the building right away. It was the first thing that happened. He should have been long gone by this time; being processed somewhere- or whatever. They said that he was immediately taken up to the 3rd floor and put in a jail cell. This is long after that.  So, how can he still be here? How can they just be coming in with him now? That's how it looks, but it's impossible! 

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