Thursday, June 23, 2016

So, what could be worse for the Prayer Man cause than Prayer Man actually being Prayer Woman, as Duncan MacRae alleges? Prayer Man not being anything at all. There are doubts and problems about the whole Prayer Man clip. I'll run them by you:
1. The Prayer Man clip wasn't seen or known until JFK the movie came out in 1991. And I have no idea where Oliver Stone got it from. But, it purports to show Officer Baker reaching the steps, so how could that have gone unnoticed by the JFK community for 28 years if it was available and in plain view the whole time?

2. The Prayer Man clip is claimed to be from the Darnell film, but you don't see it in any version of the Darnell film. You can watch the Darnell film online, but you won't find the Prayer Man clip in it.
A film is what it is. Parts of it don't disappear, fade away or go missing. Nobody took a scissors to it. So, if the Prayer Man clip was from the Darnell film, it should be there when we watch the Darnell film. It's not. That makes the Prayer Man clip unsourced.
3. The Prayer Man clip starts before Officer Baker reaches the entrance. It ends with him approaching the steps. So, it starts just a few seconds after the last shot. According to what he said and what was found through testing, Baker got to the steps 10 seconds after the last shot. But, look at the "story" of this frame. It's less than 10 seconds after the last shot, and the people are completely different from those in the Altgens photo and the Wiegman film. Where are the TSBD employees whom we know and love? And you've got all these strangers going into the TSBD. Why? Who are are they? Where are they going? You can't tell me that they're rushing inside to take cover because there is no evidence or claim that anybody did that. How could the scene outside the entrance change so drastically within seconds, with a completely different cast of characters?

4. Many of the figures in the Prayer Man clip are highly distorted. Like, for instance, this guy, whom some claim is Buell Frazier.

He's like a caricature, a cartoon. Nobody could have a head like that, or a neck like that, or a body like that. He's a freak. And the tall person in front of him doesn't have a head at all. The Prayer Man doorway is a veritable freak show.
5.That includes the guy in the cowboy hat.

He may look OK at first glance, but he's not. For his hat to be positioned like that, he would have to be looking up at the sky. I mean looking straight up. Why would he be doing that at a time like that? I couldn't find an example of a guy doing it, but I found this example of a gal doing it.

And his head is back more than hers. Maybe the idea is supposed to be that he's looking up at the 6th floor window, but his head is too far back even for that.
So, for these reasons and more, I suspect the whole Prayer Man clip of being a hoax, a fraud, a fake. I don't take it seriously, and I don't use it for anything except to denounce it.

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