Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The shooting of Oswald was aired live on national television at 12:21 PM Eastern time, which was 11:21 AM Dallas time. So, that's when it happened- because it was live. Right? 

Well, the NBC correspondent at the scene was Tom Petit, and he's the one you hear saying, "He's been shot. He's been shot. Lee Oswald has been shot." But then, several minutes have passed, and he's still talking about it, and he looks down at his watch, and then he looks up and says that Oswald was shot around 11:15.

Start watching at 6:20 in this video.

Now, that's a 6 minute difference, and you might think that it's easy to mistake the exact time by 6 minutes, and normally I would agree. But, in this case, he was there, and he didn't go anywhere, and it was only a few minutes after it happened. So, if that was, say, 11:25, we're talking about the difference between a 4 minute gap of time and a 10 minute gap. Is it possible that a mere 4 minutes felt like 10 to him? It's over twice as long. It's exactly 2 1/2 times as long.

So, what if it wasn't really live? What if it happened at 11:15 and they ran it as live at 11:21? Remember that the program being broadcast was JFK's funeral which they broke away from to show this. But, how can you really tell from watching it whether it was live or not? How could you tell then? 

Here's another reason why I am starting to doubt whether it was really live: they broke to it only a fraction of a second before the trio of Leavelle-Oswald-Graves come walking out. In fact, it's a very tiny fraction of a second. It's almost instantaneous. But, if it was live, how could they know exactly when the three were going to come marching out? If it was live, how could they cut it that close? 

Here it is; the NBC broadcast, but note something else that is very important: the two horn honks: the first being long; the second being short; with a several seconds interval in-between them. Some have suggested that those honks were signals to "Ruby". The first occurs when Oswald is coming out the door, hence it meant: "Get ready" and the second meant, "Now" and you see the shooter jump out. In some versions, they edit the honks out, but not here:

Do you see how immediate that is? Talk about cutting it close. How could they do that if it was live? If something is live, you don't know exactly when something is going to happen. How could they cut it that close if it was live?

If it really happened at 11:15 and not 11:21, that's 6 more minutes that Oswald had to survive with a ruptured aorta and vena cava and all the other devastating trauma that he had. Frankly, I doubt that he could have survived even that long, 6 minutes, which means he should have been dead before the thing even aired. 

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