Monday, June 27, 2016

Alan Murphy What you are doing Ralph makes me wonder just how huge this conspiracy was/is. I am glad there are people like you analyzing all this. Years from now decent peeps-historians will be able to look at all the real evidence without the filter of our crap-ass of govt...etc. chicken shit etc.....
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Ralph Cinque Well, today it's practically universal because all institutions of government, education, and the corporate media support it. But, how many had advance knowledge of the JFK assassination before it happened? I don't know. All I can tell you is more than 100 and less than 1000.

So, why do I say more than 100? It had to be when you consider all the people who were actively involved in framing Oswald, plus those in the anti-Castro community, those in the CIA, those in the FBI, although I suspect they were fewer, those from the Pentagon and high-up in the military who knew, LBJ and the people in his Texas Mafia who knew, those in the Dallas PD who knew, and those in the corporate world like the Hunt Brothers, Clint Murchison, David Byrd, etc. Then there were also the Mafia people who knew. There may have been media people who were given advance notice too, those who could be trusted. 100 is very conservative. It was a big and wide conspiracy. There may have been members of JFK's own Cabinet who knew, such as McGeorge Bundy. It was a big and wide conspiracy.   

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