Monday, June 27, 2016

This is from Staffan Westerberg, a JFK researcher and OIC senior member, in response to a mailing about Jim Leavelle's tall tale:

that is very good work of you,
not that we believed Leavelle in the first place, but this is just another cut in the official narrative about Oswald.
As for me, I see this: Oswald could not wear his doorway shirt after being arrested. Before he was killed they made him wear a black sweater, instead of just the white t-shirt. Jim Leavelle wore a light beige suit. Then just before Lee was killed they honked a car horn, then honked it again just prior to the killing. It doesn't seem impossible that the shooter got word beforehand to go for the man dressed in black to the left of the man in white. It all looks staged.
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