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All Lambert did was lie with an arrow.


All Lambert did was lie with an arrow, eh Cinque?

Lying with an arrow was EXACTLY what Fetzer did when he supported the idea
that Lovelady's arrow was on Black Hole Man, Cinque.

You didn't have any difficulty accepting THAT, Cinque, so what's the beef


Informative Regards,

Tim Brennan
Sydney, Australia 

Ralph Cinque:

Brennan, if you want to talk about CE 369, it's fine with me. There's only one arrow on it, although two were drawn. Most people, including David Von Pein, help themselves to the conclusion that that the one visible arrow on the left was Lovelady's. Wouldn't that be grand were it true? Alas, it is NOT true. That is definitely Frazier's arrow. His is the one drawn mostly in the white, which is how Frazier's arrow was described. The only other mark on the photo is the one I found: a small discreet mark on the forearm of Black Hole Man. It is the only other thing that looks anything like a man-made artifact. So, it must be the tail of Lovelady's arrow, with the rest of it in the black space of the enclosure of Black Hole Man's arms. 

Note that the head of Lovelady's arrow may have been slightly visible, distinguishable, as Frazier's is, but someone may have smeared it out with a felt-tip pen.

Now, if you think there is a second arrow drawn by Lovelady that is pointing to Doorman, by all means point it out. You've only had 52 and a half years to find it. But, if you can't find it, then what I found stands. It is the tail of Lovelady's arrow, and it proves that he was trying to tell Joseph Ball, non-verbally, that he was NOT Doorman. And I'm sure Joseph Ball got the message and that he told some people who talked to some people who sent some other people, probably big, tall, gruff, stone-faced FBI agents to talk to Lovelady about his health and how much more secure his family will be if he gets with the program. 

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