Sunday, June 19, 2016 

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To support your RIDICULOUS CE369 fantasies, Ralph, we have to believe that
Lovelady went around repeatedly telling all and sundry that he was
Doorman, then on the day he fronted the WC he mysteriously told Ball that
he WASN'T Doorman, and when his testimony was done he spent the rest of
his life telling everyone that he WAS Doorman, even participating in
reenactments of where he was standing on that day.

And we also have to believe that two OTHER people came in and told Ball
that Lovelady WAS Doorman and Ball didn't bat an eyelid when Lovelady said
he WASN'T Doorman and didn't pursue the matter further!

In other words, Ralph, your CE 369 theories are complete and utter

All the poorly written, long winded, hoplessly reasoned blog pieces in the
world won't change THAT fact, Cinque.


Informative Regards,

Tim Brennan 

Ralph Cinque:

No, Brennan. You are completely inept- at thinking. Lovelady was NOT going around telling all and sundry that he was Doorman. He didn't start saying it until May 1964, and even then, he avoided saying it like the plague. He didn't like talking about it. That's plain as day. Then, in 1976, he pleaded with Ken Brooten not to drag him to Washington to testify. Instead, Brooten quit his job as HSCA Chief Counsel to represent him. What? Why do you think Brooten did that? It was to keep Lovelady from being compelled to talk. Brooten knew that Lovelady was no good at it, and he saw it himself. 

No, you really don't get it, Brennan. Lovelady didn't tell Ball that he wasn't Doorman, and I never said he did. They talked around the issue. Never once did he or Ball verbally identify whom Lovelady designated. Ball did articulate it with Frazier and Arce but not with Lovelady. They both avoided it. They both evaded it. Are you catching on now? 

And, in the two reenactments that he did, Lovelady didn't even stand where he claimed to be standing in the doorway. He was pressured to participate, and he did it, but he didn't have to say anything. Reportedly, in 1967, CBS interviewed him at length. But then, they didn't broadcast the interview, and they decided to quash the whole thing. That 1967 reenactment for the 4 hour CBS JFK Special never made it into the show. Someone wisely realized that it would do more harm than good to the official story to broadcast it. At the last minute, they pulled the plug on the whole segment. No mention was made of the Doorman controversy in the 1967 Special. 

Why? For one thing, they did a lot of image-altering of him in order to Oswaldify him which they knew might come back to haunt them. And I suspect that after interviewing him they realized that he was a TERRIBLE advocate for the claim, that he couldn't sell a snowcone in Hell. He just wasn't any good at lying. 

My discovery of Lovelady's arrow in CE 369 is the most important discovery in JFK assassination research in the 21st century. And it's going to take down the whole official story. 

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