Saturday, June 25, 2016

How come in the Beers photo, we see a microphone hanging on the upper right, but we don't see it in the Jackson photo, which was reportedly taken just .6 second later?

And please, no one try to claim that it was higher up in the Jackson photo because we also have frames from the videos that go up to the ceiling that show no mic. Ed Chiarni considers the mic incriminating because it shows an expectation of some audio to record from that spot. Otherwise, why have that mic there? And, what's the explanation for the inconsistency? 

Ed takes it as proof that they did multiple takes- sometimes with the mic; sometimes without. Yeah, that's a possibility. But, isn't it also possible they just photoshopped the mic out of the Jackson photo? They definitely didn't photoshop the mic into the Beers photo. And I realize that they didn't have Photoshop or anything digital back then, but I am using the word generically. They had other ways of doing it. I suspect that would have been easy to do even back then considering the sparseness and simplicity of the background.

So, what do you think? Were there multiple takes or did they photoshop it out? 

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