Thursday, June 23, 2016

It's time for the Yulin Dog Festival in China, where they eat dogs and apparently really splurge on dogs. 

This year, American celebrities are joining together behind Marc Ching, the founder of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.  

In the video, for which I'll provide you the link, Marc explains that torturing the dogs is part of the practice of eating them. It's believed that torturing the dogs first makes the meat more tasty and better for you. And it's not just happening in China. He explains that dog-eating is popular in many Asian countries.

Here is the video. It's very moving. It's emotional to watch. You can see and feel the emotion of these celebrities. I don't think they're acting, even though they're actors. They are asking people to share the video. So I am:

Of course, we've seen this kind of activism before. What comes to my mind is the Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter, where they turn the sea red with blood. What they do is herd these mammals from out at sea, trap them close to shore, and then kill them by sawing them alive. 

I recall an interview with a Faroe elder whose response to this was: "When you kill a chicken, is there not blood involved?"

I am all for supporting campaigns to stop this barbaric cruelty, and I do. But, the best thing, I believe, is to just stop it completely; stop killing animals to eat them; I mean all animals. Because that way, there is no contradiction. There is no hypocrisy. You're not playing favorites. You're saying that animals deserve to be treated as sentient beings, and there is no humane way to raise an animal for the purpose of killing it to eat it.

It won't hurt you if you quit eating animals. It won't make you weak. I'm not weak. I don't suffer the least bit from not eating animals. And once you quit doing it for a while, you forget all about it. You're not going to go the rest of your life craving meat. I never think about it. 

What gets me the most about the murders of Kennedy, Oswald, and Tippit is the wanton, callous, heartless snuffing out of human lives. And it's true for the murders that followed and for the wars that followed, particularly Vietnam, in which millions were callously slaughtered. Don't you think if people started being sensitive to animal lives, that it might increase their sensitivity to human lives? I think it would.  


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