Friday, June 24, 2016

Charles Wallace During the Fritz interviews Oswald tells where he was before the shots (first floor had lunch), during the shots (out with Bill Shelley in front), and after the shots (claims 2nd floor, coke when officer Baker came in).
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Ralph Cinque Fritz lied to the Warren Commission. He didn't tell them anything about "out with Bill Shelley in front." He deliberately excluded it because he knew it was Oswald's alibi Instead, he gave them a fake alibi- that he was eating lunch with other employees. First, Oswald never ate lunch with anybody. He was unfriendly and anti-social. What he said was that while he was eating lunch alone, that he saw a couple of guys: James Jarman and Harold Norman. They were around, in view, that's all. And it was early- very early. Like 12 Noon. That's what Oswald told Fritz, but Fritz pushed it up to 12:30 to turn it into Oswald's alibi. Oswald's real alibi was that he was in the doorway, and of course, we can see him there. But not as the figure Wallace is pointing to, but rather, the Altgens Doorman. This much likeness in the man and clothing between Oswald and Lovelady is impossible- in the universe in which we are living.

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