Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Oswald Innocence Campaign has grown beyond 80 senior members. Our 81st member is Phil Mahar, who is a retired policeman and firefighter. He was an Airport Police Officer for nine years, and then he got into Airport Rescue and Firefighting for 26 years. Then, he finished his career as a federal police officer working in a federal court house before retiring at age 62. 

I greatly appreciate getting members with a police and law enforcement background, and that's because what happened to President Kennedy was a crime, and it needs to be evaluated as such. 

So, why did so many policemen fail President Kennedy, and for that matter, Lee Harvey Oswald, on 11/22/63? 

Well, some of them were actually in on the crime. Many believe that Officer Roscoe White was in on it. His own son believes he was, and so did his wife. Many believe that Roscoe White was the one who actually posed for the Backyard photos. 

In a recent paper, JFK researcher John Armstrong alleged that Captain Westbrook and Sargeant Croy of the DPD were both complicit in the murder of JD Tippit- not that they killed him but that they planted phony evidence at the crime scene, including Oswald's wallet. Oswald had a wallet in his pocket at the theater, so do you really think he was carrying two wallets that day?

How many times in your life have you gone out with two wallets in your pants? Never? I rest my case. 

Captain Will Fritz lied to the Warren Commission, telling them that Oswald said he was eating with other employees at the time of the shots, 12:30. But, that wasn't true, and he knew it wasn't true. First, Oswald was a loner, and he didn't eat with anybody- not even on a good day. Second, he named a couple of guys who were around while he was eating: James Jarman and Harold Norman. He didn't say that they broke bread together. He just said that they were around. But, that was much earlier than 12:30, and by 12:30, Jarman and Norman were up at the window on the 5th floor, right below the Sniper's Nest. So, how could they be eating with Oswald?

So, some of the DPD cops were outright crooked, while others just gave in to the pressure to go along with the tsunami that said Oswald did it. Who is strong enough to stand up to a tsunami? Very few. 

Well, we know of one police officer who stood up to the tsuanmi: Roger Craig. And, it's heartening to know that Phil Mahar is willing to stand up to it today. 

Oswald was innocent. All the evidence against him was planted. And his visible presence in the Altgens doorway during the shooting proves, beyond any doubt, that he did not shoot JFK. And if he didn't shoot JFK, he certainly didn't shoot Tippit. 

Phil, welcome to the OIC, and thank you for joining us.

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