Saturday, June 25, 2016

If accidental smudges can occur on photographs leaving marks as discreet and distinct and neat as this, then let's see some examples. And keep in mind what this is below is a huge blow-up. If we were looking at it directly, it would probably look more compact, more discreet, and more defined. And it's not bad the way it is. 

And this became a piece of evidence as soon as Frazier drew his arrow. So, don't you think it's likely that they would be cautious with it and handle it carefully, etc.? What really are the odds that it would get accidentally marked? I am impressed with the fact that the angle of Lovelady's line matches the tail of Frazier's arrow. It appears that Lovelady took his cue from Frazier. But, why did Lovelady draw his arrow so small? It's because he knew he wasn't giving Joseph Ball what he wanted. After all, the man gave him a photo to draw an arrow on which already had an arrow on it. Don't you think Lovelady got the message? Don't you think he knew that that was supposed to be a hint? So, he knew was disappointing the man, so he made his arrow as small as possible- to lessen the blow. 

But, just imagine what Joseph Ball would have done if Lovelady had drawn his arrow to Doorman. Ball would have gone ball-istic. He would have started vocalizing, "Let the record show that Mr. Lovelady drew his arrow to the same figure as Mr. Frazier, to the white man next to the column, the man in the doorway." And, he would have made sure that both arrows were highly visible. And, he may have even gotten their names in there- or at least their initials. 

It would have been HUGE if Billy Lovelady had pointed to Dooman as himself, so why wouldn't Ball make it clear as a bell on the photograph? Why would he leave it obscure? Why wouldn't he milk it for all it was worth?

Well, he would have. But, he didn't have it. It was just the opposite.   
We have to look at this behaviorally; in terms of Lovelady's behavior and Ball's behavior. And when we do that, we realize that Ball didn't get what he wanted. 

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