Thursday, June 9, 2016

This was sent to me by John Armstrong in response to my blog from last night about the Tippit monument:


Whether or not Tippit pulled out his gun is not nearly as important as the reason why Tippit was known to several witnesses to the shooting. Can you imagine how many neighbors would have recognized Tippit (as their neighbor) had he been shot on Sunday afternoon, when most residents were home? I find it very disconcerting that several witnesses to the shooting knew Tippit. And for LHO, Tippit, and two police officers in a police car to have converged at 410 E. 10th a few minutes after 1:00 PM could not be a coincidence. There is no innocent explanation for Capt. Westbrook to have had LHO's wallet in his possession and shown it to fellow police officers only minutes before the police dispatcher announced that the suspect was in the Texas Theater. And there is no innocent explanation for Westbrook to have been the first police officer (along with motorcycle patrolman Mackey) to find the jacket. And there is no innocent explanation for Gerald Hill to have taken the .38 pistol taken from LHO in the theater to Westbrook's office, where it remained for over an hour. For those people who believe that Tippit stopped LHO because he acted suspicious or matched the description of the suspect, then those people need to explain Capt. Westbrook's (and Sargeant Croy's) appearance and activities at 10th & Patton.


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