Thursday, June 23, 2016

James Corbett, on McAdams' forum, brought up Madeleine Duncan Brown and compared her to Judyth Baker, meaning: he thinks they are both frauds. I don't write any more about Judyth Baker, and I don't think I have ever written about Madeleine Duncan Brown. 

So, is her story of having been LBJ's lover and having a son with him and attending the Clint Murchison party the night before the JFK assassination true?

I don't know. But, I have listened to her speaking about it, and I have to say that she seems credible to me, and my inclination, my gut instinct, is to believe her.

However, the fact remains that there are not and there were not any witnesses confirming a relationship between her and LBJ. There are no photographic images of her and LBJ. There are no love letters or other written or typed letters between her and LBJ. What we have is this:

So, could LBJ be that boy's father? I think it's possible, but I don't consider it a slam-dunk. I'm much more impressed with the comparison to Courtney Valenti, who is legally the daughter of Jack Valenti, but whom many people believe is really LBJ's daughter. 

Note that her mother, Mary Margaret Wiley, was LBJ's longtime secretary. She attended the 1960 Democratic convention with him. Mary worked at his political office in Austin, Texas, and then he moved her to Washington. 

That's all I have to say about it. I only brought it up to make the point that, with her, I can see the family resemblance, but not so much with the young Stephen Brown. 

So again: I don't claim to know if Madeleine Brown's story is true. I can't vouch for it except to say that my inclination, my gut feeling, is to think that she was credible and telling the truth.   

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