Friday, June 24, 2016

Here's something amazing: Oswald's short statement to the world at the Midnight Press Conference is usually shown edited, shortened. You find many versions online in which it starts with him saying:

"I really don't know what this situation is about. Nobody has told me anything... except that I am accused of murdering a policeman. I know nothing more than that."

He goes on to ask for someone to come forward to provide him with legal assistance. 

But, here is what he said before that:

"I positively know nothing about this situation here. I would like to have legal representation. Well, I was questioned by a judge, however, I protested at that time that I was not allowed legal representation- during that very short and sweet hearing."

OK, so here is an edited version of it from CBS with the first part excised: 

When you think about how short the whole thing was, why would you take a single word out of it? Why wouldn't they let people hear everything that Oswald said?

Well, consider what he said. Twice he said he wanted legal representation. That's what they edited out, and the reason they did was because he went on to ask for legal assistance a third time, but they were selling the idea that he was refusing legal assistance, waiting on John Abt. But, don't you think his redacted statements prove otherwise?

Here is a version from CNN which edited out his first two sentences. It starts with, "Well, I was questioned by a judge."

And here is another version which eliminates the entire first paragraph:

This is really appalling. The man was given so little chance to speak, but they had to edit what little he said?

Here is the version shown from the film Four Days in November, which omitted the whole first paragraph:

Here is a version which seems to show the whole thing:

But, is it possible that there was even more? 

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