Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Here's the audio statement by Frazier about the roll call. He said: "They (Shelley and Truly) read the names off, and you had to answer."

But, notice that he specifies the different workers involved, starting with what sounds like "boss" then "order-filler" and then "packer."

He said they were gathered outside of Shelley's and Truly's offices.

For some reason, even though Truly was superior to Shelley, Shelley had a much bigger office. So, all these men, plus Truly and Shelley were, according to Frazier, standing there doing the roll call. Notice where it is: right in the lane of traffic for people going in or out. But, how did they all get compacted there? Frazier said it included every single warehouse worker except Oswald. We know that wasn't true. Charles Givens wasn't there. But, how did the others get concentrated at that spot, right outside Shelley's and Truly's office? And considering that by then police were swarming in, as well as reporters, how was there enough room? And what about this picture? It's telling us that these guys were still outside even after a checkpoint was set up.

 It's just another contradiction in an unending series of contradictions. 

But, what I really want to address is what he said about the workers, their jobs. Frazier referred to whether they were a "boss". I thought Shelley and Truly were the bosses. How many bosses did they have? And then the "order-fillers". And then the "packers". Packers? What did the packers do? Did they pack the books that the order-fillers brought down? But, according to Troy West there was no packing, just wrapping. It was a mail operation. They wrapped the books in brown paper. They had rolls off it and Oswald stole some to make a bag. Remember? This bag:

Now, if they were shipping a whole box of books, then the books were already packed. So, they didn't need packers for that. But, in any case, how in a operation such as that could you have a position known as packer? A guy who just put the books in the box? Or does packer refer to something else? Did a packer pack the floors with books?

Do you realize that those heavy boxes of books are stacked 6 high? 6??? Now you can't read the print, but I'll tell you what it says. Something Mathematics. 

What does that say? It definitely says MATHEMATICS but what is the word in front of it?

I can't make it out, not even with a magnifying glass. So, how were the order-fillers supposed to read it?

And did you catch this?

Chicago order? How is that helpful? As I recall, Chicago is a big town. And it could not have been an outgoing order because the TSBD only served schools in Texas, Lousiana, and I think Okalhoma. Maybe New Mexico too but definitely not Illinois. So, if that wasn't an outgoing order, what did it refer to? Was it an order from a publisher in Chicago? But, what would be the point of writing that on the box? I suggest that it was just written for show- to dress up the picture and give it a look of authenticity. Are you buying it?  

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