Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let's compare the falls of Tim McCarthy and Lee Harvey Oswald. We'll start with McCarthy. Remember, that he actually got airborne. Both his feet were off the ground. But, what goes up must come down. And here he is when he landed:

Now, as you can imagine, that wasn't going to hold. He was not going to stick the landing. 

Basically, what is happening there is that his knees are giving out. So, that takes him down, not straight down but down, and at some point, his torso is going to keel over.

And, he winds up like this; you might say it's his "angle of repose" if you're familiar with the novel.  

Alright, so that's very orderly and expected and realistic. I'll note also that the speed of it as you watch the film is very realistic. Here's the link:


Now on to Oswald: First, here he is reacting to being shot.

You see how he's going forward and down. He's lower than the Ruby impostor, who was practically a midget. You would think that Oswald would keep going down from there. But, he doesn't. He started going back again. 

And he's got a little more to go to reach the top. 

There. That's the high point right there. And what happens next is that he starts going down, like an elevator, like the freight elevator at the TSBD.

You notice how blurred Oswald is. That's because he's moving so fast. But, why would he be moving so fast? 

So, that's him going down, his image highly distorted. And finally there is this:

He's still there, barely, in the lower right hand corner. After that, he is completely gone. And note that these were captured at 1/4 of the normal speed on Google Chrome. Doing it at normal speed, and it's like, Woosh! You can't believe how fast it happens.

But, why would it? When an object starts falling, the force driving it, of course, is gravity. But, even with gravity, there is acceleration involved. Stating at zero velocity, it builds up slowly. It shouldn't be that fast through the first foot of falling. 

 Here. Watch it yourself. And first watch it at normal speed. Start at the 19 second mark. 


Do you see how Oswald just goes straight down like an elevator? Straight down. But, people don't usually fall like that. It's not how Tim McCarthy fell. Here is a video of people fainting. You see them faint in all kinds of different ways, but nobody goes straight down like an elevator. And the velocity in the beginning seems slow to me every time. 


So, my verdict is that Oswald falling is DEFINITELY a manipulated piece of footage. 


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