Monday, June 20, 2016

Talk about crooked cops, there was Nick McDonald. 

On 11/22/63, in his internal report to the DPD about the arrest of Oswald, he said that Oswald tried to shoot him and his gun misfired. And the next day in an interview with WFAA TV, he said again that Oswald's gun misfired, "luckily." Luckily. It means that he wasn't claiming to have anything to do with it.  

But, let's go from bad cop to good cop: the FBI's Courtland Cunningham, a firearms expert. He said that Oswald's gun did NOT misfire. When asked about the nick on the cartridge, he said he didn't know what caused it, but it definitely wasn't the firing pin because it was in the wrong location to be struck by the firing pin. He said that the gun definitely did NOT misfire.  

So then, McDonald had to change his story. He started saying that the reason the gun didn't go off is because he shoved his hand in the firing space- the space between the hammer and the firing pin. 

Now, if he had done that, why didn't he say so at the time? He doesn't get to change his story.

And who would do such a thing? If you were struggling with a guy, and he had a gun in his hand, your action would be to gain control of the gun and where it was pointed. You wouldn't try to jam your hand into the firing mechanism. I don't believe that for a second. I doubt anybody has ever done that.  

I own a Smith and Wesson 38, and I can tell you that the hammer spring on it is strong. The idea of putting my hand in there and pulling the trigger makes me wince. 

I don't believe that lying jerk McDonald. Cunningham called him on it, so he scrambled and came up with a new lie. He probably told his teachers that the dog ate his homework.  He even took to signing autographs. Jerk.

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