Friday, June 17, 2016

Question: Do you think they deliberately made sure we didn't see Oswald being moved after he was shot or do you think it just worked out that way spontaneously because of the commotion and the frenzy? Well, I think the commotion and the frenzy were just the excuse for it. They definitely made sure we didn't see Oswald being moved. 

And the proof of the pudding is that, not only, did we not see Oswald being moved, but we never heard a word about it, such as: Who gave the order to move him? Which men actually picked him up? And how did they pick him up? The fact is that the the whole thing about Oswald being moved is a complete blank; a void; a black box. 

So, all we can do is speculate. Did just two men pick him up like a sack of potatoes, one taking his arms and the other his legs? If so, then they might have killed him. That's because he would have slumped in the middle of his torso if he had no support, and that slump would have increased the pressure and therefore the bleeding. Or, were they smart and did it with 4 men: one on each end and one on each side to use their arms as a platform to support his midsection. In fact, they could have gone up to 6 or 8 men to create as much of a firm surface of support underneath him as possible. So, what do you think it was?

And from watching the film, it looks like the dumped him on the floor as soon as they got inside. They didn't go far.

So, who gave the order to pick him up and carry him? And who gave the order to put him down?

Now why would they put a man with an open wound down on the dirty floor? With all the other problems he had, wasn't infection also a concern at that point? It was a police station, so we know they had cots in the jail cells. So, why didn't they get a cot? It was a police station, so they must have had long tables somewhere for meetings, so why didn't they get a long table? Why did they put him down on the dirty floor? And how did it go down, the conversation?

First guy: Where do you think we should put him?
Second guy: I dunno. Let's just dump him here. 
First guy: Right here on the floor?
Second guy: Yeah, it's good enough.
First guy. I guess. 

So, they put him down on the floor, and he's bleeding, and some of his blood stains the floor? They claim that's what this is, Oswald's blood:

Now, when they put him down on the floor, they put him on his back, right? Don't tell me they put him down on his belly with his face mashed into the floor. They didn't do that, right? We can safely assume they didn't do that, right? So, we'll assume he was placed on his back on the floor. 

So, he's lying there on his back, but he's bleeding from his front. Actually, he's bleeding from one spot on his left side, but it's closer to his front than his back. The wound definitely wasn't spurting. That's impossible. We have to assume it was just oozing blood. But, he had several layers of clothes on, and clothing is very porous, and it tends to soak up blood and retain blood. So, the blood coming out of the entrance wound would have spread to his clothing, and most of it would have remained in his clothing. That's because clothing is very porous, and it tends to soak up blood. And no, I don't have Alzheimer's disease;  I know I am repeating myself. Consider it a rhetorical device. 

So, to transfer this much blood to the floor beneath Oswald, imagine how blood-soaked his clothing must have been. 

But, when we look at his clothing, we don't see any blood.

So, let me get this straight: After lying on the floor and passing blood to the floor, and over a wide area of the floor, where the blood had to go from the wound to his clothing and then to the floor, we wind up with a him showing no signs of any blood on himself or his clothes. And even the clothe or towel over the wound looks as pure as the driven snow. 

Now, to be fair, there is another version of the above scene, similar to it, in which you do see a little circular spot of darkness on the white clothe. But, why don't we see the darkness in this one? Since, he was bleeding like a cut pig inside the police station and leaving his blood on the floor, shouldn't there be some blood on the clothe? How do you leave blood all over the floor without getting any on yourself? 

And what is the story of this scene?

 They're pushing Oswald along on the stretcher, and the guy on the left is using Oswald's arm to do it? Why wouldn't he just put Oswald's arm down and use the frame of the stretcher to push on? And what's the guy in back doing? He's holding Oswald's left hand high in the air. What for? Why don't they just put Oswald's left arm down alongside his body? What's the purpose of holding it up like that? And worse yet, since they are supposed to be moving, how can that guy in back holding Oswald's hand possibly keep up? There's no purpose to what he's doing, and there is no way he could do it because he's no position to move with them. Is the guy in the cream-colored suit Leavelle? Well, no matter who he is, I don't see how that guy in back of him could be moving with this train. 

Let's look at it larger:

So, that definitely is Leavelle in the cream-colored Easter suit. And we can see the face of the guy who is holding Oswald's hand. But, they're coming towards us, right? That guy on the left looks like he's pushing, like he's going forward. By the way, that is at Parkland Hospital. Let's look at some more:

This is back at the DPD, so earlier. And for some reason, they have Oswald's hand right on top of the wound. And if you look very closely, you can see a little bit of darkness under his hand, and presumably, that's blood. But wait. It doesn't make sense. If that was earlier, then there should have been more blood by the time they got to Parkland. So, how did the clothe get lily white again?

Here's another one, and in it, the clothe looks clean also.

Now look at this one:
In this one, we're down to bare skin on Oswald. We're seeing mostly his right side, and he was shot on his left. But still: if he was bleeding like a cut pig on the DPD floor, shouldn't there be some blood on his abdomen? And I am not seeing anything that looks like blood on that shirt. I don't know what those dark bars are. 

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